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Colorado Marriage license: The Steps to Get a Marriage License in Colorado!

Engaged couples in the American state of Colorado have to adhere to specific requirements related to their marital statuses and ages before getting their marriage licenses. Online application for marriage licenses can make the process simpler in the state. Read on to know the steps for getting a marriage license in Colorado:

1. Confirm eligibility to get married in the state

Applicants should be 18-year-old or above

For procuring a license to get married in the state, one has to be a minimum of 18-year-old. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. In case the person is either 16 or 17, they can still obtain a marriage license. However, the person needs to have the consent for the same from both his/her parents. Alternatively, they should obtain that parent’s consent that has their legal custody.

Procure an SSN or a Social Security Number

These numbers are needed for completing a marriage license. When the applicant does not possess an SSN, they should complete the form and also submit their Affidavit Concerning SSN along with their marriage license.

Marriage License Colorado
Make sure that their marriage is allowed

Although Colorado does not have any residency needs for marriage, the state’s law does not accept some relationships. For instance, a person cannot get a marriage license when they are already married. Both the partners have to finalize their divorce before completing their marriage license application form.

Carry a valid ID proof

The state of Colorado recognizes various forms of identification. The applicants can carry documents like driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or even their military ID card. However, when the birth certificates are not in English, they should be shown along with a properly certified translation. It is imperative to note that all ID proofs may not be acceptable. For instance, city & country detention center ID cards, consular cards, souvenir birth certificates, and Novelty ID cards are not admissible to procure marriage licenses in the state of Colorado.

2. The application for a marriage license should be completed

The local county office of the recorder and the clerk has to be located

Go to http://www.clerkandrecorder.org/allcounties to get the complete list and details of clerk recorders.

Both the partners should be present at the chosen county office

Both the partners have to put their signatures on the application form, as well as, fill the required details. They must also pay the prescribed fee through their debit/credit card or cash.

Colorado Marriage License

Application for marriage licenses can be completed online

Several counties provide the chance of submitting the basic details needed for an online marriage license application. In case, the partners want to save their valuable time and reduce the time required to visit the office of county clerk & recorder; they can fill their application online. However, after submitting the basic information online, the application can be finalized by dropping in at their local office of country clerk & recorder to show identification.

3. Use the obtained marriage license

The marriage license should be used within the specified time frame

After the application for a marriage license has been already approved, the applicants will get their marriage license at the office of their county clerk & recorder or in the mail. Typically, the validity of this license is only for 35 days while it can be used in all the counties of the state.

Getting married

After getting the marriage license, the applicants now have the legal permission to get married in Colorado. The marriage can be solemnized by any retired judge, religious official, an official from any Indian tribe or country, magistrate, or a judge.

The marriage license has to be returned

Once the marriage has been solemnized, the officiant who married the couple should sign it. The same document then acts as their marriage certificate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!