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Find Out Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Marriage License in Hawaii!

Hawaii, is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the USA and is a great place to get married. The marriage at this exotic location would be a memorable one. If you want to get married in Hawaii, what is the procedure? What do you need to know before you go ahead with the marriage ceremony? Read on to know the answers.

Hawaii Marriage License Pre-requisites

The pre-requisite eligibility to get married includes the following:

  • There is no residency or US citizenship requirement to get married in Hawaii. Anyone can apply.
  • There are no blood tests needed.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age. Marriage for 16 and 17-year-olds are permitted under special considerations, with the approval of the parent/guardians. Proof of age needs to be produced.
  • Divorce decree or death certificate of the previous spouse has to be produced if previously married.
  • Marriage between first cousins are allowed, but a relationship closer than that is not permitted.

Where to get the marriage license?

You can get the marriage license from the licensed officer at the Department of Health or an authorized agent. You can visit the website of the department at http://health.hawaii.gov/vitalrecords/marriage-licenses/ to get their contact details.

Hawaii Marriage License

How to apply for a Hawaii Marriage License?

The couple who wishes to get married in Hawaii needs to physically present themselves, before the authorized agent or the office granting the license. The documents to be carried include the proof of age, which could be a valid ID like passport or driving license. Those under 18 need to submit a certified copy of their birth certificate. If previously married, divorce decree or death certificate of the previous spouse has to be submitted. Divorce or death of the previous spouse must have taken place 30 days before the date of application for marriage license.


The application form has to be filled in and submitted with the necessary documents. The marriage license fee, as applicable on that date needs to be paid in cash to the agent. On submission of the application, the agent would scrutinize the same and issue the license on the spot. There is no waiting period for issue of the license.

The validity of the license

The license once received is valid throughout the state of Hawaii, which means the marriage can take place anywhere in Hawaii. The license has a validity period of 30 days, and the marriage ceremonies must be completed during this period.

Marriage License Hawaii

Hawaii Marriage License Marriage certificate

On completion of the marriage, one can apply for the certificate. There is no need to pay an additional fee paid for the certificate. The certificate would be issued by the same agent who issued the license. While the license is a permission to get married, the marriage certificate is an actual record of proof of marriage, that would be needed for any legal purpose. Certified copies can also be applied by those who have taken a license.

Hawaii Marriage License Online system

The Health Department, State of Hawaii has an online system, to apply for marriage certificates. You can visit the website at https://marriage.ehawaii.gov/ for details on how to go through the online application system and complete all the formalities.

Contact information

For any information on marriages in Hawaii, one can contact (808) 586-4545. If you want to obtain the license in Honolulu, you need to visit Room 101 of the Health Department at 1250, Punchbowl Street, from Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm.

An online list of authorized agents is available. You can browse through the list at http://health.hawaii.gov/vitalrecords/license-agents/ and decide which agent you would like to approach to get your work done.

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