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Kentucky Marriage License - the Guide for Getting a Marriage License in Kentucky

If you are in Kentucky and planning to get married then here is your guide to following.

Kentucky Marriage License Requirements

  • Age

You must meet the age requirements. This applies to both the bride and groom. Both the people getting married should be 18 years or older at the time of marriage. In case A person is above the age of 16 but not yet 17, then they have to get the written consent of a parent or legal guardian. A court order from the District Judge is required to authorize county clerk for issuing the marriage license.

  • Resident status

It does not matter whether or not, you are a resident of Kentucky or not. You can get a marriage license in Kentucky to get married in Kentucky.

  • Marital status

A divorced person does not need to declare a previous divorce to get a marriage license. But, a separation or non-complete dissolution of marriage will not be allowed by the state of Kentucky for marriage license consideration.

Visit the county clerk

To get the license both the people in the couple have to visit the office of the county clerk, an make the formal application. The license is valid only in Kentucky. A widower or widow need not provide any details of the previous spouse.

Marriage License Kentucky

Kentucky Marriage License Procedure

After you have obtained the application form, you are required to fill in the following details. Such as , date of birth, name, place of birth, race, gender, current marital “situation” (single, divorced, widowed), number of previous marriages, occupation, current residence (you must provide your residence, but you are not required to be a Kentucky resident), relationship to each other (in Kentucky, nobody who is related any closer than the second cousin may get married), full names of parents, date of marriage.

For 17 years or below birth certificate or certified copy will also be required. For divorced people, final divorce order may be required. Forms of ID that are accepted are Driver’s License, Government issued picture ID, Passport, Original Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Permanent resident card, Temporary resident card issued by the USCIS. 
The state of Kentucky does not require any blood work to be done to get married.

Kentucky Marriage License Costs

Each county can set a price. However, the range falls between $35.50 to 37.50 USD. This money is non-refundable.

Kentucky Marriage License Validity

Do bear in mind, that the marriage license stays valid only for 30 days. You must get married within the next 30 days within the borders of Kentucky. There is no extension granted on the validity. If the license expires, then you have to re-apply and get a new license and pay the required fee.

Kentucky Marriage License

What happens after you get the license?

You are going to get the same license day as you apply for it. Within the next 30 days, you have to get married, or the license will not be considered valid. You can get your license from any county in Kentucky and get married in same or any other county in Kentucky.

Kentucky Marriage License Solemnizing

The state of Kentucky allows religious officiants such as a priest, rabbi or a minister to solemnize your marriage. Other people who can solemnize a marriage here are a current judge, current county executive, a current county judge, current justice of the peace, current fiscal court commissioner. Retired judge of the court or retired justice of the court of justice.


Two witnesses are required to be present at the marriage. Both the witnesses must be 18 years of age or above. Their name and contact details are taken down. The marriage officiant cannot be a witness.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!