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How to Get a Marriage License in the State of Louisiana

If you have decided to tie the knot in the state of Louisiana then here is your guide into doing it. Check out the requirements below.

Louisiana Marriage License Requirements

Consenting adults that are people who are above the age of 18 years are allowed to get married in this state. For people who are 17 years can marry with parental consent. They need both the parent's consent. A legal guardian can also give their written consent in case of absence of parents. For people willing to get married are still aged 15 years or less, they would require a Juvenile Court Judge to grant permission for the marriage.

Resident status
People willing to get married in the state of Louisiana may or may not be residents of the state. But after getting the marriage license, they have to get married in the state. Though people who do not reside in Louisiana can get the marriage license in Louisiana, they must get married in Louisiana on obtaining the license. To get the license, they will be required to furnish required documents like the passport. 

Marriage License Louisiana

Marital status
A married person or a separated person cannot marry in the state of Louisiana. A final divorce order is a must. Final divorce certificate must be furnished by you, and no photocopy will do. After examination, it will be returned to you.

For a widow or widower to get married in the state of Louisiana, certain information will be required like death and time of the last spouse. Death certificate of the last spouse is also required.

The state of Louisiana needs a confirmation that the ones agreeing to marry are not related closely by birth or by adoption.


How to apply FOR A Louisiana Marriage License

Both the interested candidates for marriage must visit the court office for the clerk to issue the certificate. After filling out the form and supplying necessary details, you will get the marriage license the same day you apply for it. Submit the completed application form and get it notarized. Also, submit all the required documents.

However, after getting the marriage license, you can not get married immediately. You have to wait for 72 hours to get married.

The state of Louisiana does not require you to go through any blood work for getting married.

Who can get you married in Louisiana?

Any officiant recognized by the state can get you married in the presence of 2 witnesses.

The marriage licenses are issued to you against a fee of about USD 27.50. The fees may vary depending upon each county.

Louisiana Marriage License

The following documents are required to be furnished at the time of marriage.

For identification provide any one
Driver's License, State-issued Identification, Passport, Military Identification Card, Military Dependent Identification Card, Government-issued Identification Card, Permanent Resident Card, Student Identification Card.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Number
  • Divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Spouse death certificate ( if applicable)

The marriage license that is being issued to you will only last for 30 days. No extension of the validity is granted. In case of failure to do so, the new application for a marriage license is to be made.

There are two witnesses required for a marriage to be valid. The officiant conducting the marriage will record the name and other details of the witnesses.

Change of name
For those wishing to change their names after the marriage, they can do it by updating their new names. It can be both governmental or non-governmental places where the change of name can be done. After submitting relevant documents and following the required steps, the name change can be done.

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