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Maine Marriage License - the Full Guide for Getting a Marriage License in Maine!

Getting married in Maine will require you to fulfill certain conditions. You must start by applying for your marriage license. Here is a guide to everything that you need to know to get married in Maine.

Maine marriage License requirements
There are a few requirements that must be fulfilled to go ahead with the marriage. They are the following

Each person wanting to get married in Maine must be 18 years of age. For people below 17, they need parental consent. Legal guardians can also give consent to the wedding for the person below the state required age limit. People below the age of 16 will need a court order, and only then they can get married.

Resident status
There is no rule that you have to be a resident of Maine to get married there. Any resident or non-resident can get married in Maine, provided they have the marriage license which they need to apply for.

Marital status
For people who are still married or separated from their spouse, they are not allowed to be married in the state of Maine. However, if a final copy of divorce is available, then the marriage can be conducted. Required documentation will be needed.

Marriage License Maine

For people who have lost their spouse, that is a widow or widower; they can get married in Maine. Proof of death of the last spouse will be asked to be furnished. Thus, a death certificate will be necessary.

Cousin marriage
Maine allows cousin marriage in the state. It can be first, second or so on. Such marriages are allowed by certain factors such as no bearing of children and some genetic counseling.

Same-sex marriage
Maine is one of the states which recognizes same-sex marriage. So same-sex couples can get married here. It has been in vogue since 2012.


How to apply for a Maine marriage License

To get married, you and your partner need to go to any of the 15 offices for the marriage license application. Maine does not recognize common law marriage or marriage by proxy. There are forms to fill up, and required documents are needed to be submitted.

After the completion of the process, you may be required to wait for three days to get married. Once you get your marriage license, you will be able to get married within the next 90 days. If you fail to get married within the stipulated 90-day time frame then, the license will lapse. You will then have to apply again for a license as no extension is allowed for a license that has been already issued.

Maine Marriage License

Documents that are required to get the marriage license are the following

  • Birth certificate (must)
    Identity proof such as Driver's License, State-issued Identification, Passport, Military Identification Card, Military Dependent Identification Card, Government-issued Identification Card, Permanent Resident Card, Student Identification Card.
  • Social security number
  • Divorce certificate if applicable
  • Spouse death certificate if applicable
  • Passport and related documents in case of non-residents

Maine marriage License cost
In the state of Maine, the marriage license fee would cost you around 20.00 dollars.

Do you need blood work?
No. Getting married in Maine means, no blood work is required to be done to get married.

Who can get you married in Maine?
Apart from the priest, rabbi, and minister, marriage can be conducted by any registered authority in Maine. That includes Maines notary public and members of the Maine Bar.

There is a need for having at least two witnesses to get the marriage official. The details of the witnesses will be noted by the officiant.

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