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North Carolina Marriage License Requirements: Everything You Need to Know!

Marriage is a big step in life, but it is also an exciting step. However, you should know that before you get married in North Carolina, you need to obtain a marriage license. The process, as well as paperwork, is the same no matter which county you’re in. It’s also not a difficult process. However, it can take a bit of time which is why you should get to it at least a month before your wedding.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Both parties aka the bride and the groom have to both be present at their county of residence’s courthouse. For out-of-state applicants, you should apply at the county where the ceremony will take place. If one of the applicants cannot be physically present, the other person must have a sworn, notarized affidavit from the other person. You can find affidavit forms in the office of the Registrar of Deeds.
  • Have a current, valid government-issued ID on hand. Examples include a driver’s license, passport, social security cards and so on.
  • There is a marriage application form which you will need to complete. Both of you will need to furnish all the necessary details truthfully.
  • Pay any fees which are applicable.
Marriage License North Carolina

If either partner has been divorced, they need to have the month as well as the year of their last divorce on record. If a partner has been divorced in the last 60 days, they will have to obtain a copy of their divorce decree which should be signed by a judge as required by the state.

The laws in North Carolina mandate all the applicants to show proof of their Social Security numbers. Proof can be submitted in the form of a W-2 form, a payroll stub or a statement which states their Social Security Number which is issued by the Social Security Office. Applicants who don’t have a Social Security Number or who aren’t eligible for one have to procure a completed affidavit which is signed as well as notarized when they apply for a marriage license. You can find the affidavit form in the Registrar of Deeds Office.

Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days and cannot be used out of state. The State of North Carolina has a few requirements for marriage ceremonies.

  • The ceremonies may be either civil or religious.
  • Religious ceremonies must be performed by an ordained minister.
  • Civil ceremonies must be performed by a magistrate.
  • Regardless of which type of ceremony is performed, two witnesses must be present.

Licenses are valid immediately. There isn’t any waiting period. Blood tests, as well as physical tests, aren’t required anymore.

North Carolina Marriage License

Age requirements

It is currently legal to marry in North Carolina at 18 years of age without any external consent. 16, as well as 17-year-old individuals, may get married with consent from their parents while 14 and 15-year-old individuals may only marry with a court order.

Name change

If you’d like to change your legal name, you will need a certified copy of your marriage certificate to change the name in all of your legal documents such as your social security card, driver’s license and so on.

Common Law Marriages

North Carolina does not recognize common law marriages. For your marriage to be recognized officially, you need to obtain a marriage license and have a ceremony to be married.

Can first cousins be married in North Carolina?

North Carolina recognizes marriages between individuals who don't have a close family relationship than the first cousin. First cousins can be legally married in North Carolina.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!