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How to Get a Marriage License in Ohio

A marriage license is not difficult to obtain in the State of Ohio. All you need to do is follow a couple of easy steps. We will be discussing these steps in detail later in this article. First, let’s figure out who can legally get married in Ohio.

Eligibility for an Ohio marriage license

  • You can get married in Ohio even if you’re a non-resident. The only restriction is, you’ll have to hold your wedding ceremony in the county where you’ve applied for your license.
  • A divorcee can get remarried by showing a copy of his/her divorce decree to the concerned authorities.
  • A widower must show the death certificate of his/her late spouse.
  • Same-sex marriages are permitted in the State of Ohio.
  • You can get married even if you’re of age 16 or 17. You will need to present proof of parental consent, in that case. Also, a copy of your birth certificate will help. If you are under 16 and still want to get married, you must have a court order in favor of that decision.
  • Marriage between first cousins or any other close relative is not allowed in Ohio.
  • Ohio has no provision for proxy marriages.
  • Similarly, you cannot perform a covenant marriage in the state.
Marriage License Ohio

Steps to follow to get a marriage license in Ohio

Below are the steps you must follow to acquire a marriage license in the State of Ohio –

1. Marriage licenses in Ohio are issued by the county probate court. Residents of the state are required to apply for the license in the county where one or both of them live. They are allowed to marry anywhere in the State once they’ve done this. Non-residents are required to apply for the license in the county where they intend to hold their wedding.

2. Some counties allow you to download the marriage license application form online.
Others don’t. However, in both cases, you have to submit it back in person.
3. You will need to provide all basic information such as Name, DOB and may even have to fill in additional details such as your Social Security number.

4. Carry a valid photo ID to authenticate your identity.

5. You must also have the cost of licensing you’re expected to pay on your person.

Ohio Marriage License

6. There is no waiting period involved
in receiving a marriage license in the State of Ohio. You will be handed over the license immediately. It will be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. You should ideally get married within this period or you’ll have to repeat the entire procedure of applying for a marriage license again.

7. Your marriage will need to be officiated
for you to be able to stake claim to your marriage certificate. An ordained/licensed member of the clergy can act as a marriage officiant. Mayors or judges of probate/municipal court can act as officiants too. You do not need witnesses to get married in Ohio.

8. You can change your name on the marriage certificate
, but for this name change to be officialized, you will be required to notify government agencies.

After getting an Ohio marriage license

Now, that the legal formalities are done with, you should only concern yourself with one thing and, i.e., to get married. You can start planning your wedding as soon as you’ve received your marriage license. It's better to already have that out of the way do you do not have to stress about the 60-day functionality of the marriage license constantly.

We wish you a happy and prosperous wedded life.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!