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How to Get a Marriage License in the State of Texas?

In case you are planning to get married to your beloved in the state of Texas, there is good news for you. Getting married here is not very tough or expensive. However, you have to be aware of the laws and follow them. Check out the process of getting a marriage license in Texas.

Applying for a marriage license in Texas

Both the partners must be present in front of the county clerk

To procure a marriage license, you should appear at the office of a county clerk in Texas. Licenses are issued by all Texan counties. At times such offices are also referred to as “marriage license bureaus.”

You and your partner should both show up

The official at the county office will hand you over a formal application. However, you should be a minimum of 16-year-old. In case an applicant is not yet 18 years, he/she should submit a copy of a long-form birth certificate that has been issued in the ten years proceeding to the date of application along with parental consent or judicial approval.

There is an oath printed on the license application that you have to take in front of the county clerk. The great news is it is not mandatory for you to get married in the same country from where the license has been procured.

Marriage License Texas

Establish your age and identity

To procure a marriage license in Texas, you and your partner have to establish your ages and identities to the county clerk. It can be accomplished in many ways.

  • Show an identification card or a drivers’ license issued in the state of Texas or any other state in America. The ID card should not be damaged or torn. Also, the office will not expect expired documents
  • You can also present your current passport, which was by America or some other nation. Show a certified copy of the original birth certificate. You can also put forward a valid military or government ID.

Prescribed fee has to be paid

You have to pay a fee to obtain a marriage certificate in the state of Texas. The fee may vary from county to county. Marriage licenses issued by Texas are valid in all states.

Texas Marriage License

Getting married in Texas

Get someone who has authority to marry you

Laws in the state of Texas have some specific rules concerning who can get people married in the state.

Following are the people/officials who qualify

  • Magistrate of Texas federal court
  • Retired judge
  • Justice of Supreme Court/Court of Appeals
  • Judge of District County
  • Judge of Criminal appeals
  • Judge of a juvenile court
  • Judge of domestic relations court
  • Retired/current justice of the peace

Once the marriage ceremony is over, the individual who gets you married has to record the county and the date where the wedding ceremony was conducted on the marriage license. He/she has to send it then back to the concerned County Clerk who had issued the same on the thirtieth day after the marriage ceremony is conducted.

Adhere to the stipulated time limits

To get married in the state of Texas, you have to go through your marriage ceremony before the ninetieth-day post the date of issuance of your marriage license. In case you attempt to wed after that, it is no possible to so as your marriage license would have expired by then. However, you have to follow a waiting period of 72 hours after procuring the marriage license to go through the ceremony. However, an exception to this waiting period is applicable for military personnel.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on March 25, 2019
Sensitive Information!