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How to Get a Marriage License in the State of Virginia

You should not let Virginia’s marriage license laws be a damper in your marriage plans. It is better to be thoroughly prepared by being ready with the relevant documents before going to the office of the County Clerk for filing the license application.  

To marry in the state of Virginia, your future spouse and you have to make an application for your marriage license. Luckily, the process of application is quite simple in Virginia. After getting the license, no waiting period is necessary.

It is highly recommended to adhere to all the legalities around 30 days before your date of the wedding so that everything is taken care of for you most important day. Plus, you should know that every county in the state can have slightly different requirements. So, contact your local office before the visit.

ID and residency requirements in Virginia
Couples do not necessarily have to be residents of the state of Virginia to get married here. On the other hand, a marriage license that has been issued in this state should be used within Virginia itself. The applicants should show their valid photo IDs, passport, state ID, and a valid copy of their birth certificate. As mentioned earlier, both the partners should be present at the office for getting a marriage license. The state does not permit proxy marriages.

Marriage License Virginia

Earlier marriages in Virginia
A few counties in the state of Virginia may need relevant documentation to establish the dissolution of an earlier marriage either through a divorce or a death.

Fees in Virginia
You have to pay about 30 USD for getting married in this state but not higher than 50 USD. The fees can be only paid via cash in some of the counties. A few counties may take credit cards with a processing fee. Contact the office of the County Clerk to find out about the modes of payment in that particular county where you wish to get married.

Cousin Marriages in Virginia
The state of Virginia permits marriage between first cousins. However, you cannot get married to an aunt, uncle, a sibling, grandchild, niece, or nephew even if you both are related by adoption or half-blood. Thus, even step-siblings cannot get married to one another in Virginia. Additionally, both you and your partner should be mentally capable of opting for a marriage

Marriages between same sexes in Virginia
Since October 6, 2014, Virginia has been permitting marriages between the same sexes. The state also acknowledges same-sex marriages that have taken place in other countries and states. Plus, the process of application for these marriages is similar to that of heterosexual couples.

Virginia Marriage License

Under 18 marriages in Virginia
When either you or your partner is 16/17-year-old, it is compulsory to take parental consent or consent from your legal guardian. As long as the consent is notarized, it can be done in writing or person.

Officiants in Virginia
Various officiants can solemnize your wedding in Virginia. These include an ordained minister, judges, and marriage commissioners. Every county in the state has a list of officiants to do so.

The validity of a Virginia marriage license
A marriage license in Virginias should be sent back to your County Clerk so that your marriage can be recorded within 60 days from the day it was issued. It also signifies that you should get married in not more than 60 days and ensure the recording of your marriage license officially. In case this time frame is crossed, you need to apply and pay for a fresh marriage license in Virginia.

Marriage certificate copy in Virginia
Get in touch with the court clerk that issued your marriage license to obtain a marriage license copy.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!