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How to Get a Wisconsin Marriage License

A marriage license in Wisconsin is a document, which gives authority to two persons to get married. Prior planning is required to apply and get a marriage license. Some necessary documents are required to be collected before completing the process of application. After these documents are collected, an individual is all set to apply for their marriage license.

Initial requirements for Wisconsin marriage license application

Eligibility for marriage in Wisconsin
A person should adhere to specific requirements for procuring a marriage license in this state. Following are the allowances and restrictions applicable in Wisconsin:

A person who is 18-year-old or above can marry if they are competent to do so. On the other hand, if a person is aged 16/17, they should procure a written consent from custodians, guardians, or parents.

Collect necessary documents, which prove the parties’ identification and age
When the interested parties apply for their marriage license, they have to prove their identity and age. All counties of the state require a social security card and a photo identification to prove identification and age. However, having said so, every county in Wisconsin has a distinct set of rules to prove identification and age.

Marriage License Wisconsin

Birth certificates of both parties should be provided
The state of Wisconsin needs that both the partners have to show their certified birth certificates while applying for their marriage license. In case they cannot produce their certified birth certificates, it is imperative to produce some other documentary evidence. All counties may need different evidence, but as long as the said county clerk is okay with the documentary evidence shown, they can go ahead in the application process.

Show proof of residence
Both the parties need to offer their proof of residency no matter whether they reside in Wisconsin, overseas, or in some other states. Some of the acceptable documents can be Wisconsin photo identification, a lease agreement, or a bank statement.

Offer necessary documentation of previous marriages when applicable
In case a party has been married previously, they have to furnish documentation of the death of the spouse or the divorce decree. Some acceptable documents can be a final judgment on divorce, a state annulment, or a death certificate.

Wisconsin Marriage License

Applying for Wisconsin marriage license license

Visit the correct county clerk’s office in Wisconsin to begin the process of application
Both the parties must drop in at the office of the county clerk in the county in which any one of them has lived for a minimum period of 30 days before making the marriage license application for getting a marriage license.

When both the parties are non-residents of Wisconsin, the marriage license has to be procured from the county’s county clerk where the wedding ceremony is going to take place.

Irrespective of the two instances, both the applicants should come in person and apply jointly.

Filling up the Wisconsin marriage license application
When both the parties have visited the correct office of the county clerk, they have to fill up their application for marriage license. The parties should ensure they follow the instructions properly and review their application before submission. They need to also pay the required fee at the office that can vary from one county to another.

Parties should then wait for the issuance of their marriage license
Typically, a marriage license takes five days to issue from the date of application. On the other hand, the county clerk can issue marriage licenses within those 5 days of waiting in case the applicant gives an extra fee.

When all the above-mentioned steps are followed, getting a marriage license in the state of Wisconsin is an easy process.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!