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Massapequa New York Overview and Crime Statistics

Massapequa is a small town situated in the Town of Oyster Bay in Long Island, New York. It sits right adjacent to the town of Amityville in the Suffolk County. It is one of the 64 villages that have been incorporated in the Nassau County and a total of 551 villages assimilated in the entire state of New York. In a survey of New York laying down ten best places to live in for families, Massapequa is the sixth on the list. This has been assessed on several parameters including growth, prosperity, affordability, quality of life and education.

The district of Massapequa has observed several changes in the structure of schools that are functioning in the city. This ordeal has been going on since the1960s when there were seven schools set up. In the 1990’s it was restructured by leasing one of the schools to the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Then in 2006, another change was witnessed when one of the schools was leased to the police department that runs as a police academy presently. The district currently has six elementary schools, and 1 of each middle school, high school annex, and high school bring to a total of 9 schools.

Massapequa Public Records

Massapequa is mostly a quiet and laidback city with a historical outlay of famous parks and recreations at its disposal. But it is mostly stocked for the comfortable life of the people residing in the city. There are several restaurants and bars that open up till wee hours for the entertainment of people. Then the value of the history of Massapequa Park is very high as it preserves the values and history of the town’s heritage.

Massapequa New York Crime Rate Statistics

The Crime rate of Massapequa, just like the other parts of Long Island, is very low. It has been estimated to be 68% lower than the national average of the USA. An estimate of 2.51 crime occurrences for every 100,000 people has been found. Even with this statistics, which is better than most cities in the USA, Massapequa has witnessed an increase in the crime rate by 10% in its own accord.

Massapequa New York Arrest records

Although in comparison to the entire state of New York and the USA, the crime rate in Massapequa is low, as per its record, the crime rate has increased which has also showcased increase in the arrest rate. An estimate of 917 crimes out of 100,000 people has been reported out of which 179 are violent crimes and 738 property crime. This is just an estimation of the actual crimes that have been reported.

Massapequa Court Records

Massapequa New York Population

As per the last census in 2000, the population of Massapequa is 21,685. At present, the population ranges somewhere between the abovementioned number and 22,013. The town has multiple ethnicities residing within, but the ration is dominated mostly by the whites. A 5.7% of the population also accounts to the foreign-born Massapequa residents. There are a total of 7,417 households in the district making an average of 3.33 people residing under one roof.

Massapequa New York Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Massapequa is not centrally applicable what has been devised at the state level. The minimum wage standard in New York is $10.40 an hour which is higher than the minimum wage set at the federal level. The minimum wage at the federal level is $7.25 an hour. And the minimum wage in Long Island amounts to $11 per hour which is higher than New York. The cost of living in Massapequa is 174.5 which is substantially higher than the central USA which amounts to a 100.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!