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Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Crimes Statistics, Arrest Records and Population Information

A small borough situated in the American state of Pennsylvania, Mechanicsburg has 13 constituent neighborhoods. It is Pennsylvania’s 133rd largest community and has an approximate population of about 9,007 residents.

Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania City overview

The city boasts an impressive stock of architecture dating back to the Second World War. That makes Mechanicsburg one of the historic and ancient towns in the United States of America.

Unlike some of the other cities, Mechanicsburg is neither purely white-collar nor blue-collar economy. Instead, it is a town predominated by a mixture of white-collar and blue-collar occupations. In all, its workforce is a combination of managers, professionals, and sales & office workers. You will come across many people residing in Mechanicsburg who are engaged in management occupations (9.26 percent), sales jobs (10.30 percent), and office & admin support (16.56 percent).

Mechanicsburg Public Records

It is also interesting to note that the town has an impressive number of people who are engaged in professions related to math and computers, which is higher than 95 percent of the other locations in America.

Although its size is small, many people in Mechanicsburg use the bus to commute to their offices on a daily basis. Many of its residents also use the bus to go to their workplaces in other towns and cities.

As far as Mechanicsburg’s college education is concerned, its residents are much better educated while compared to the country’s typical community, which is about 21.84 percent. As opposed to that, about 30.46 percent of the adult population in this small town has a graduate or a bachelor’s degree.


In 2010, Mechanicsburg’s per capita income stood at 32232 USD that falls in the bracket of upper-middle-income concerning the state of Pennsylvania, as well as, the country. It is equivalent to a yearly income of 124,928 USD in a family of 4. At the same time, time, the city has both poor and rich residents side by side.  

In Mechanicsburg, people mostly use English to communicate with one another. German and Spanish are two other major languages used in the borough for communication.

Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Crime statistics

Mechanicsburg has a crime index of 44, meaning that it is safer than 44 percent of the other cities in the United States.

The overall rate of crime in Mechanicsburg is 16 per one thousand citizens. When the FBI crime data for the town was analyzed, it was found that a person's possibility of suffering from crime here is one in 61. The crime rate of Mechanicsburg is lower in comparison to about 33 percent of the communities in Pennsylvania.

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According to NeighborhoodScout’s crime analysis on Mechanicsburg, its rate of violent crime is less than the country’s mean for all communities irrespective of their population sizes. Incidents of violent crimes like armed robbery, homicide, assault, or rape occur less in the town as opposed to many other places in the United States of America.

A person’s likelihood of falling prey to any incident related to violent crime in Mechanicsburg is 1 in 1501. When translated, the town’s violent crime is equivalent to a rate of one per 1,000 residents.

Plus, the property crime rate in this town involving incidents such as arson, auto theft, larceny or burglary is sixteen per 1,000 citizens.

Check out some major snapshots of Mechanicsburg’s crime statistics:

  • Mechanicsburg has a daily crime of 4.67 for every 100,000 inhabitants
  • Mechanicsburg’s overall rate of crime is 38 percent lower in comparison to the national mean
  • The town is safer in comparison to 75 percent of the other American cities
  • There has been a decrease of 17 percent regarding the year to year the number of crimes in Mechanicsburg

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
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