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How to Register to Vote in Michigan?

You can't vote unless you have registered hence it is essential that you register yourself if you are 18 or will turn 18 before the elections. You also need to re-register yourself in the case of a change in address. The deadline for registering yourself as a voter is at least 30 days before the elections. Michigan does not allow registration on the day of the elections.

Here is a step by step guide to getting you registered as a voter

Step 1

The first step is always to identify if you are eligible to vote in the state of Michigan. To be you need to fulfill all the below requirements

You need to be a citizen of the United States

18 years of age before or on the day of the elections

A resident of Michigan

A resident of the city or township where you are applying for registration.

Once you have fulfilled all of these requirements, you can move on to the next step that is filling out the form.

Register to Vote Michigan

Step 2

A voters registration form can be found at your local secretary of state office, local county, township, or city clerks office, several state agencies, voters registration drives, or most convenient of all online. You need to provide the same address on your voter's registration form as that of your driver's license.

You need to use both the application instructions as well as the state instructions to guide you while filling out the application.

Read the instructions correctly as these instructions give relevant information that applies to everyone that uses this application.

You would then need to find the instructions for your state under the state instructions. These instructions need to be used to fill out boxes number 6, 7, and 8. These instructions are also used for information about eligibility for voters and any other required oaths in box 9. Michigan, unlike other states, does not require you to register your party.

You can also use this form to report any change in name to your voter's registration.

Report any change of address to the voter's registration office. At the same time, this form can also be used in case you need to register with a political party.

Michigan Register to Vote

Step 3

Once all of the form details are filled, you would then need to submit the application to the local city or township clerks office. If you choose to personally go and hand deliver it the staff helping you there would be able to take the process further. On the other hand, if you choose to send it via mail, you would also have to enter your driver's license number or the number of any other personal identification that you have in the place assigned for the same. You can also send a photocopy of any one of the following IDs.

Personal ID or drivers license photocopy

A photocopy of your paycheck stub, utility bill, bank document, or government document that lists your name as well as your address.

Step 4

The city or township clerk will then process your registration and send you a voter registration card that you would need at the time of the elections. This card also has the address at which you need to go to vote. 

A first time voter who wants to register by mail would need to show proof of identification according to the federal laws the first time you vote.

A voter may be exempt from this requirement if they have submitted a copy of their identification with their mail and the voter's registration form.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!