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How to Find out Someone’s Work History in Michigan

A talent acquisition can’t be done without knowing the work history of a candidate. Work history plays an important role in most of the states in the U.S. It is one of the best ways to know the future performance of a candidate and his expertise. Nowadays, there are multiple ways to find out someone’s work history without beating around the bush.

However, every state has some laid guidelines and regulations to give detailed reports covering some aspects.

Therefore, it is important to know state-wise rules and regulations before getting someone’s work history. When it comes to Michigan, every employer located in the state or hiring its residents must follow the laid guidelines by the Federal FCRA. There is a detailed consumer report used for the background screening of an individual in accordance with the Michigan state laws. And it is important for every employer to follow every step of the background screening report.

State Records Michigan
  • Follow the EEOC guidelines

First of all, EEOC has to be taken into consideration while hiring anyone. EEOC has some specific guidelines on how a recruiter or employer can use criminal records during the recruitment process. The EEOC has made it very clear for all the employers in Michigan to review every individual’s application thoroughly on the ground of criminal records. In case, anyone furnishes the wrong information or facts, then he has to be prepared for an adverse action process from both sides, employer as well as EEOC.

  • Follow the state FCRA guidelines to conduct background screening of a candidate

Just like other states, Michigan also has a Fair Credit Reporting Act {FCRA} which contains a set of federal guidelines to simplify the entire hiring process for employers. The FCRA is formed in order to bring accuracy, fairness and privacy while sharing consumer information. Therefore, FCRA has achieved a milestone with a stringent set of regulations while collecting, distributing and using consumer information.

In fact, employers have to share about the background screening process with the candidates and the information it may include, or how they are going to use it. Thus, it has to be done in a very transparent process so that a candidate doesn’t feel uncomfortable or cheated. The sole purpose of the FCRA while conducting this process is to safeguard the interests of employers, employees, and candidates.
  • Ask for the resume to initiate the background check online & offline

Apart from that, one can also check employment history through the resume of a candidate. Once you get a copy of a resume of the person who came for an interview, you can verify his last employers and get the rest of the essential information through his Social Security Number.

Either you can contact one of these former employers, or take the help of social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. In fact, one can also take the help of background check websites such as Intelius or People Records to get the preliminary information. Some sites may charge you to run a background check. Thus, it’s important to know the state rules and regulations along with the website charges beforehand.

Public Records Michigan

Always remember that to start the background check, you must have at least the minimum information about the candidate. That information you can easily get while having a look at his resume or knowing his Social Security Number.

But, there are some important points to note before proceeding with any type of background screening.

  • You must be 18+.

Make sure that you are 18 years above. Most of the background screening agencies or websites have this condition attached.

  • Abide by the state laws & regulations

Make sure to read the state laws and regulations before taking the help of any background screening agency.

  • Show some patience

Most of the background screening agencies take up to 3 days to give a detailed report. Thus, patience is important.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!