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How To Find Bankruptcy Records In MinnesotaAre you looking for your bankruptcy records in Minnesota? Do you want to gain access to your bankruptcy court file in as little time as possible? Bankruptcy documents usually contain essential information related to the financial condition of bankrupt individuals and include details such as gross income, total assets, list of creditors, etc. Most importantly, bankruptcy-related cases are always governed by the federal courts.

Having said that, let us quickly discuss the various ways you can find your bankruptcy records in the state of Minnesota without putting in any extra effort.
1. Electronically-stored bankruptcy records

It must be taken into consideration that Minnesota bankruptcy records for the insolvency cases filed in the year 1999 and afterward are stored electronically on the PACER database online. The easiest way to access these digitally-maintained documents is to create an account on the web-based platform known as Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER). Once you have successfully registered on the web-based PACER platform, you can access the bankruptcy records Minnesota directory and look for your documents.

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However, it must be kept in mind that you will have to bear a per-page fee of $0.10 to view your bankruptcy records on the PACER database online. But the good news is that you can also avail of this service for free without spending a single buck upon one condition. If you do not view more than 150 pages in three consecutive calendar months, all the service charges will be waived off.

If you are not comfortable using the PACER system, you can still get your bankruptcy records from the public terminals in the clerk’s offices situated in two cities, namely Saint Paul and Duluth. Although it is true that you can view your insolvency records free of cost, you will have to pay a fee of $.50 for every page of the document that you print.
2. Non-electronic bankruptcy records

It is important to note that Minnesota bankruptcy public records for the cases which were filed before 1999 are available only in the form of paper documents. Since the insolvency records in paper format are not maintained electronically, you will have to pay a visit to the clerk’s office to get the same. Nonetheless, there is no certainty regarding the availability of these bankruptcy-related documents as they are treated as temporary records by the official authorities.
If the records have not been destroyed, you can retrieve the copies of the documents from the clerk’s office in Minnesota. For the retrieval of these files, you will have to pay a small service fee in advance. But even if your bankruptcy records are nowhere to be found in the directories, the clerk’s office can still provide you with the basic information about the case.

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3. Basic case information through VCIS

Another great way to gain access to the basic case information related to your Minnesota public bankruptcy records is to make use of the Voice Case Information System (VCIS). The system utilizes a computerized voice response system and allows callers to obtain information about the cases via a touchtone telephone. In addition to being totally free, the service is available around the clock.

Above all, using VCIS is a piece of cake as you just have to dial 1-866-222-8029 and reply “Minnesota” After you are prompted to say the name of your state. Once you are successfully connected, you can search the case with name, social security number, etc. VCIS will provide you with information related to your bankruptcy case such as reported assets, case disposition, discharge date, bankruptcy chapter, name of debtors, case status, and so on.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!