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Government Records Minnesota: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Minnesota?In the spirit of transparency and good governance, every US state strives to make available its government records to the general public in an easy and hassle-free manner. The Midwestern state of Minnesota has been working towards this very same goal. Hence, the Minnesota government now provides numerous ways to access its government records through several channels.

Accessing Judicial Records

Judicial records encompass many different kinds of public records pertaining to the day- to- day functioning of the courts. This includes court opinions, exhibits and/or documents presented during or after a trial, settlements, dockets, and transcripts. Judicial records also include court budgets and certain details about court judges like their salaries, selection, and vacancies to name a few.

Minnesota Government Records

The Minnesota Judicial Branch offers people swift access to myriad case records. These case records belong to the Minnesota District (Trial) Court, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. All these court records are stored in the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS) and therefore can be accessed anytime anywhere through the internet.

This initiative has been named the Minnesota Public Access (MPA) Remote. However, there are some court records that are unavailable through the MPA Remote Access service. These court records are usually related to court cases that are currently ongoing and hence, are available only through the MPA Courthouse service. The MPA Courthouse service allows you to access currently pending cases via their court public access computers.

Every district courthouse in the state of Minnesota has public access terminals where people can electronically retrieve and view case records. These district courthouses also have special counters where you can physically access case records. The state’s Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have also made their court opinions and records available electronically via their Minnesota Appellate Courts Case Management System or P-MACS.
In addition to court opinions and records, certain court orders of an administrative nature can also be accessed through the above- mentioned P-MACS system. Online file archives have also been maintained going as far back as the 1970s.

Minnesota State Archives

In addition to judicial records, the Minnesota Historical Society maintains an online repository of several public records. These include township records, municipal records, public library records, law enforcement records and school district records among many others. The State Archives holds nearly 4,000 state and local government records.

These encompass the Minnesota State Governor records, Minnesota House and Senate Committee records, case files, tax lists, assessment rolls, birth and death certificates from the 1900s onward. If you are looking for something in particular then you can first access the online library catalog before visiting the library personally to view the held records.

Government Records Minnesota

Legislative Records

For a further deep- dive into the Minnesota State’s legislature records you can utilize the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library (LRL) to search online through numerous state agency documents, the legislature mandated reports and state documents. Also, via the official Minnesota State Legislature website you can access House Bills and Senate Bills for the current and past sessions along with its status information and budgetary analyses.

Crime Records

Another online repository of government records has been created by two government agencies- the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. This website is available at- https://chs.state.mn.us/ and provides public criminal history records.

According to law any data on criminal conviction can be made publicly accessible for a period of 15 years once the sentence has been completed. These public records contain data on offenses, the court in which the conviction took place, the date on which the conviction happened and the sentencing particulars.

To sum it up, the Minnesota State provides several online and offline avenues that can be used by the general public to access government records belonging to different governmental agencies. This plays a huge part in the swift and efficient dissemination of information.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!