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Judicial Records Minnesota: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Minnesota?

The article discusses how to get judicial records in the state of Minnesota in the United States of America.

Documents of Appeal Courts

Court records from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals Minnesota comprise documents or pleadings filed by all the concerned partied of the cases. These include case statements, petitions, court opinions and orders, and brief(s).

  • Court documents, which are unavailable in the system can be seen using a designated computer terminal for public access at any district or county courthouse of Minnesota or even at the State Law Library. Interested persons can also request items by sending an email to Appellate Case Records Email Request Instructions.

Minnesota Judicial Records

Documents of Trial Courts

  • County or District Court file documents or pleadings that are filed by the concerned parties, as well as, court findings and opinions.
  • The general public of the state can review several judicial records and ascertain the availability of online documents via Access Case Records of the state Judicial Branch. However, the person should be aware of the court docket number or the party names to access the judicial files online.
  • One cannot view the original court documents online except when they use a computer terminal designated for public access at the State Law Library or at any of the Minnesota district (county) courthouse.

It is imperative to point out here that certain documents in a court file can be tagged as “sealed”, “expunged” or confidential by court order or the law. These court documents cannot be copied or viewed by the general public of Minnesota.

Ways of accessing bankruptcy judicial records

Electronic case files

The proceedings and cases filed with the Bankruptcy Court of the United States for Minnesota from the year 1999 onwards are preserved electronically. These court documents can be accessed through the Internet-based PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records service.

If a person wishes to access judicial records using this service, he/she has to first signup by creating a login id and password for PACER after visiting its website www.pacer.psc.uscourts.gov. Although there is no registration fee for PACER, one has to pay 0.10 USD for each page to access judicial records.

Judicial Records Minnesota

A resident of Minnesota can also access electronic judicial records free of cost from any of the public terminals set in the Clerk Offices in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Duluth. However, if they want a printout of a court record, there is a charge of .50 USD for each page.

Paper case files

The bankruptcy case files that were filed prior to 1999 were created and preserved only in paper format. Interested persons can visit the clerk’s office to get details regarding the status of a paper case file. In case such a file is there and not destroyed, the office may ascertain its location. When a file has been already destroyed, the offices can give certain basic information related to the case like the case number, name, and date of filing, chapter, and date of discharge if applicable.

In case a paper case file exists, copies of documents or the file can be obtained by approaching the clerk’s office to copy and view. However, a fee should be paid for coping and retrieval of the document(s) before processing the request to copy or retrieve it.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!