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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in Minnesota

Employers in the state of Minnesota, United States has the right to conduct a background check of their potential employees before offering them the job in order to verify whether the candidate is suitable for the position or any infractions in the work or personal history of the person might jeopardize the job at hand.

However, there are specific rules that employers must adhere to while conducting a background check, as there are ethical boundaries with respect to misuse of information and the use of credit history that the employer cannot cross. This article will provide a detailed insight as to how you might search for the work history of someone inside the state of Minnesota.

Ways to conduct a background check in Minnesota

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension administers all kinds of background checks inside the state of Minnesota. This department maintains a website that has open access to the general public, and anybody can conduct a public record search on this platform on any person free of charge. The results of this search will provide you with a report of criminal history for the last 15 years inside the state of Minnesota, on the person that the search has been conducted against.

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However, it needs to be noted that if such a background check is being conducted for the purpose of employment, the candidate needs to be duly informed regarding such a search and once his/her consent is provided, can such a search be initiated. After receiving consent, detailed background searches, involving FBI records can also be requested in the state of Minnesota.

Why background checks are important in Minnesota?

The modern commercial sector has received a huge boon in the form of such accurate and pertinent background checks, whereby immediate information on prospective candidates involving a wide range of their private, as well as, personal data, allows the employer to paint a vivid image about the candidate.

However, the state of Minnesota also recognizes that data pertaining to individuals are also sensitive to the person concerned and understands that proper checks should be put in place to eradicate the chances of misusing such information.

It also recognizes the need for creating laws and regulations that dictate the way in which the employer might use such information during the hiring process. Although there are many companies and states that do not have stringent regulations limiting companies from accessing private information about individuals during background checks and misusing the same, Minnesota does not fall in this category.

Minnesota has very strict laws that control employers from wrongfully using work history information regarding any individual they have shortlisted for hiring.

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The intricacies of background checks in Minnesota

A concerning area during background checks is access to information regarding a person’s criminal history. Employers place a great deal of importance on criminal history checks because their top priority is to protect their company’s assets, properties, clients and employees.

Although having a criminal history does not necessarily mean that you can be disqualified from a job (since discrimination on the basis of criminal history is unlawful in Minnesota), having a criminal history might create obstacles to secure the job. Emphasis on such a history is placed based on the nature of the crime that was committed and how long ago it was committed.

As per the laws of Minnesota, a company that has been hired to conduct a criminal history check of a potential candidate for a company may divulge only that information to the hiring company that paints a complete and accurate record of the concerned candidate.

Therefore, the company that has been hired to conduct the background check may only provide that information to the hiring company, which has been updated in the candidate’s criminal record not later than 30 days before the company had been hired to conduct the criminal history check.

The law further states that the information that has been gained needs to be verified from the primary source of the data within a span of 90 days. Furthermore, the candidate on whom the criminal history check is being conducted must be notified of such a search and has the right to dispute the information if he/she finds the contents to be inaccurate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!