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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in Mississippi?When any company or individual wants to file for bankruptcy, they have to approach a federal bankruptcy court. These judicial institutions are the ones who handle these types of financial cases. Due to this reason, if you are looking for Mississippi bankruptcy records, this is where you must start your search.
Do bankruptcy records in Mississippi come under the Public Records Act?

As per the Mississippi Public Records Act, every public record is accessible by any individual. You don’t need to state a reason as to why you want to go through these types of documents. At the same time, the law doesn’t ask the custodians to restrict the usage of these files. If the department doesn’t have a time limit, they must respond to your request within one business day. Departments can create custom time limits, with a cap of 14 days.

Bankruptcy records Mississippi comes under the state’s Public Records Act. In Mississippi, two judicial bodies maintain these documents:
  • United States Bankruptcy Court: Northern District of Mississippi
  • United States Bankruptcy Court: Southern District of Mississippi

    State Records Mississippi
How to search for Mississippi Public Bankruptcy Records?

Every federal court in the United States maintains an electronic filing system. This includes the Mississippi bankruptcy public records. The system is known as PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records.

For using this service to search for bankruptcy records in Mississippi, you need to create an account. While you are providing the necessary information, make sure you cross-check the address you enter. The reason is that you will receive an activation key, which comes to your doorstep via U.S. Mail. There is no other way to obtain this, due to security reasons.

However, if you want to access Mississippi bankruptcy records due to an emergency, the primary requirement is that you have a credit card. If you want to create an account on PACER, you don’t have to pay any registration fee.
On the other hand, this system will charge you $0.10 for every page you access in the bankruptcy records Mississippi. There is a cap of $3.00 or 30 pages equivalent, for accessing one file from this service. Do keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to transcripts, name searches, and non-case-specific reports of proceedings of the federal court.

Recently, the Judicial Conference concluded that they are extending free access to PACER services. During every quarter, if your usage doesn’t go beyond $30, you don’t have to pay this amount.

Public Records Mississippi

The second option is to get in touch with a third-party who handles background checks. As part of their services, they will conduct Mississippi public bankruptcy records and provide you with the necessary information. These organizations will go through their extensive databases and verify the data, before making them available to you. For this service, you need to make a payment, depending on how much the vendor charges for their services.

What information is available in the Mississippi bankruptcy public records?

You will be able to go through the bankruptcy records in Mississippi to obtain comprehensive financial information on the interested party. In this document, you will get to know about the type of bankruptcy the individual filed for, along with the trustee appointed to handle the person’s case.

There will be a creditor list, along with the amount the party owed and their address. If the person invested in various properties, this information will be present in the Mississippi bankruptcy records. At the same time, you will get to know about all the assets this individual owns. Also, it contains information about the income of the person, along with all the sources of revenue.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!