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Government Records Mississippi: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Mississippi?

Typically, public or government records comprise sensitive information but are accessible by the general public. A person who is trying to find a public record could be interested in the death and birth records of another person, contact details, criminal, arrest, or bankruptcies records, or divorce and marriage files.

Similar to other American states, the state of Mississippi has enforced a Public records Act and an Open Meeting Act that is also referred to as “sunshine laws”. Such laws mention that all government records and meetings except for the ones that have been categorically exempted should be available to the public. As such, the public officials of the state should have a proper working knowledge of the clauses of the laws, as well as, about the exceptions.

The mission of the Mississippi State Records is to offer the right to get and see public records to each person according to the Mississippi Public Records Act. The Act grants the privilege to reproduce, cope and inspect public records to any person.

Mississippi Government Records
It is not important for the office or the authority to know the purpose of such a request. However, the identity of the requestor who asks for access to such records can determine whether their requests will be granted or denied. Mississippi State Records has information related to different types of records like vital records, court records, and criminal records apart from twenty-five million other public records.

In Mississippi, the creation and preservation of public records started in 1820. There is information from eighty-two counties that can be accessed by the public. The process of digitizing record-keeping began in the late eighties so that people can access them online easily and in a hassle-free manner.

Public Records Database

As mentioned before, searching for government records online is definitely faster, practical, and less time-consuming as opposed to physically visiting the courthouses to access them. The database comes with a powerful system of data aggregation so that it takes just some seconds to compile the complete public profile of a person and show the same on the monitor.

Court Records

Information is aggregated from court documents that are preserved at courthouses to create court records. Non-confidential data from criminal court cases, traffic court cases. Family court cases, court cases, or small claims court cases can be instantly accessed through a quick look up at the database.

Government Records Mississippi
Divorce and marriage records

The divorce and marriage records can instantly reveal whether a person you are interested in was divorced or married previously, the place where it took place, the name of the spouse, maiden name of the bride, and other important details related to the divorce case.

Some general rules

  1. A public body can ask to submit the request for a record in writing
  2. Denial to the access of a record should be given in writing by the body along with the reasons for it.
  3. Letters of denial should be retained for 3 years.
  4. Some examples of exempted records include medical records, personnel files, reports of law enforcement investigations, communications/work products, trade secrets, and so on.
  5. An incident report happens to be a type of public record
  6. A report on the investigation is exempted from the open records law.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!