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Mobile, Alabama: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

The city of Mobile is located in southwestern Alabama an is the only seaport of the state. It lies at the mouth of the Mobile River in the Mobile Bay, which is an arm of the Gulf of Mexico. In 1792, French colonists established a fort, 27 miles above the river mouth, which was later moved. The location served as the capital of French Louisiana until 1719 and named Mobile after the Maubilla Indians. Mobile was later ceded to the British, captured by Spanish forces and finally seized by the United States in 1812.

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Mobile county covers an area of 1,644 square miles, of which 1,218 square miles is land while 426 square miles is water. The city of Mobile itself covers 188.5 square miles with 148.2 square miles of land.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of the town in 2000 was 399,843, in 2010 was 412,992 and the latest July 2017 estimates calculate that the population has about 413,955 people. In the racial demographics, 59.4 percent of the people are white, 36 percent are African American, 2.9 percent are Hispanic and Latino, and 2 percent are Asian. Among them, 3.1 percent of the population is foreign-born, and 4.9 percent speak a language other than English at home.

As of the 2012 to 2016 records, there are a total of 154,261 households in the city with 2.62 persons per household. About 23.6 percent of the population are children under the age of 18 and women outnumber men with at the rate of 52.3 percent of the total citizens.

Characterized by summers that are hot and humid, and winters that are rainy, Mobile,  Alabama has a mild, subtropical climate. Mobile County Public School System operates the public schools in the city. There are a number of private schools as well. The major industries of the city include construction, ship building, aerospace, medicine, retail, and manufacturing. Walmart, Austal USA, and City of Mobile are some of the top employers.

Education and income in Mobile, Alabama

Among the people aged above 25 years in the city of Mobile, 85.8 percent have graduated from high school, some of whom have pursued higher education. Additionally, 22.5 percent among them have acquired a bachelor's degree, some of whom even opted to study further.

About 57.7 percent of the people aged above 16 are part of the civilian labor force, 54.5 percent of whom are women. According to the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, the biggest employers in the region as in 2013 are the Mobile County Public School System (employing 7,280 people), the University of South Alabama and USA Medical Facilities (employing 5,168 people) and the Infirmary Health Systems (employing 5,100 people).

The median household income in Mobile according to the 2012 to 2016 census is $44,263, and the per capita income is $23,318 during the same period. The Census in 2012 noted that the median household income in Mobile City was $ 42,634, in Mobile County was $41,867 and in the Mobile Bay Area was $46,005. About 19.5 percent of the people in the city earns below the poverty levels.

Crime in Mobile, Alabama

The 2017 Annual Report by the Mobile Police Department says the jurisdiction of law enforcement in the city has been divided into four precincts. During the year, 4,007 cases were reported in the first precinct, 4,131 cases were reported in the second precinct, 3,087 cases were reported in the third precinct and 4,526 cases were reported in the fourth precinct, bringing it to a total of 15,901 cases in 2017. This is a significant increase compared to the 13,643 cases recorded in 2016.

Among the 2017 cases are 50 of homicide, 141 of rape, 440 of robbery, 1,329 of aggravated assault, 3,084 of burglary, 9,564 of larceny and 1,293 of vehicle theft.

According to the Unified Crime Reporting (UCR) program of the FBI in 2012, Mobile recorded 1,314 cases of violent crime, 32 cases of murder and non-negligent manslaughter, 45 cases of rape, robberies, 460 cases of aggravated assault, 777 property crimes, 12,103 burglaries, 2,796 larceny-thefts, 552 motor vehicle thefts and 66 cases of arson.

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