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Moline Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Located between the Rock River and the Mississippi River, Moline is the largest city you will find in Rock Island County. The community is popular among tourists for the Niabi Zoo, Ben Butterworth Parkway, Sylvan Island, and John Deere Pavilion. There are several parks and recreation centers throughout the city, available to its residents.

Whether you want to reside in the city because of your employment or you are a tourist, having ample amounts of information about Moline, Illinois is important.

Moline Illinois Crime Statistics

The crime statistics of the city states that the figures for felonies are higher than the average for communities of all sizes throughout the United States. Moline has a crime index of 11, which makes it safer than 11 % of the cities in the nation.

Taking a look at the annual felonies in Moline, the number of violent crimes and property crimes are 195 and 1,465 respectively. The crime rate stands at 39.31 for every 1,000 residents in the city. In Moline, there is a 1 in 216 chance of becoming a victim to violent crimes. However, the figure for property crimes is 1 in 29.

Moline Public Records

In 2016, there were zero murders, 26 rapes, 19 robberies, and 151 assaults, which account for violent crimes. For property crimes, there were 227 burglaries, 1,205 thefts, 27 auto thefts, and four cases of arson in 2016.

According to the data from the last seven years, it is clear that crime statistics are showing a downward trend. In 2016, the violent felony rate in the city was higher than the national average but lower than the state’s figures. Similarly, the property crime rate in Moline is higher than the average of the country and the state.

Moline Illinois Arrest

In the previous year, there have been 383 counts of arrest, 788 instances of theft, 643 cases of assault, 51 accounts of vandalism, and 256 reports of a burglary. Seventy-seven registered sex offenders are living within the city limits of Moline, Illinois. Going by the ratio of inhabitants to sex offenders, the figure reaches 549 to 1. These numbers are higher than Rock Island County’s data but lower than the values of the state.

Moline Illinois Population Information

According to the latest estimates, at least 42,231 people are living in Moline, making it the 36th largest city in the state of Illinois. From the 2017 data, there is a negative annual growth rate of 0.44% in the community.

86.6% of the residents in the city are white, 4.7% are African American or Black, 2.5% are Asians, and 2.3% are from two or more races. The median age in Moline is 39.3, 38.1 for males, and 40.6 for females.

Moline Court Records

83.9% of the inhabitants in the city who own property are married, while only 50.9% of them are non-family. Going through the figures in renters, 16.1% of them have a spouse and 49.1% fall in the non-family status.

From an education perspective, 27.31% completed high school, 9.38% are holders of an associates degree, 16.99% attained their bachelor's degree, and 8.77% finished their graduate degree. The average income per household in 2016 is $51,519, indicating a 4.02% growth in the city. However, it is lower than the average of the state and the nation. Going by gender, the average salary for males is $54,736 and $43,839 for females.

In the employment sector, 14.2% hold administrative jobs, 12.1% are in sales, 11.4% work in production, 7.2% in management, and 6.2% in food and serving.  82.17% of the inhabitants in the city are English speakers, and 17.83% are fluent in other languages. There are 3,147 veterans in Moline, out of which 1,116 served in Vietnam, 496 in the Second Gulf War, 466 in First Gulf War, 446 in Korea, and 198 in World War II.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!