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What Is The Law On Compounding A Felony In Montana And What Are The Punishments For It?

A person can be charged with or convicted for compounding of a felony if he or she directly or indirectly come to an agreement with the criminal that they would not prosecute him for that in exchange of some favor or payment. If the person tries to bribe or provide some kind of a benefit to another person in exchange for his biased or altered opinion about an ongoing case.

In the state of Montana, there is no particular distinction of crimes. Nothing can be called a felony or misdemeanor according to the laws of Montana. The act of Compounding a felony in Montana can be considered a misdemeanor in the sense that the punishment is less than one year, which is the case for prison sentence for a misdemeanor in most states.

Montana Compounding a Felony,

Laws for Compounding in the State of Montana

The laws of compounding in Montana are coded in the 45-7-305 statutes of the Montana Criminal Code. In the state of Montana a person is considered to be guilty of compounding a felony if he or she does any of the following things:

  • If the defendant consciously, and willingly accepts some type of capital gain for considering to refrain from being prosecuted for illegal activity or unlawful act.
  • If he or she knowingly, purposefully or deliberately consent to refrain from reporting or telling the law enforcement officials or authorities the committing or suspected commitment of some type of felony or crime. Or any other information regarding that crime.

As stated above the state of Montana does not divide crimes into felony or misdemeanor. In Montana, Criminal Code punishment for each crime is stated individually. For compounding of a felony or any illegal activity in the state of Montana, the punishment is a prison sentence in the county jail for a maximum of six months. Along with or in exchange of a fine of up to five hundred dollars.

 Compounding a Felony Definition

Given below are a few crimes and the punishment for it, compounding of which will automatically make you guilty of compounding a felony in the state of Montana.

  • Intentional murder- this is the deliberate act of one man taking the life of another man. If you are charged with or convicted for murder in Montana then the prison sentence can be a minimum of ten years and a maximum of hundred years. If the defendant is accused of multiple murders, has a previous criminal record, or murder is accompanied by some other criminal activity then it could result in capital punishment. Death sentence though rare to be given out is still an option for the worst criminals and murderers.
  • Negligent homicide- When the death of one person is caused by the negligence or lack of care of another. Death of many children around the world is negligent homicide. The maximum prison sentence for this crime is 20 years in the state prison of Montana, along with or in place of a fine of up to fifty thousand dollars.
  • Sexual assault- rape also falls under this category in Montana. The punishment for sexual assault in Montana is imprisonment of two to hundred years depending on the degree of the crime or violation.
  • Robbery- it is one of the most popular crimes around the world. The punishment is two to forty years in prison along with or instead of $50000 in a penalty if you are guilty of robbery in Montana. The punishment will depend on the damage caused or the value of things robbed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!