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Nacogdoches Texas Overview, Crime Statistics, and Related Information

The small city located in the eastern part of Texas known as Nacogdoches has a population of about 32,996 people as detailed in the year 2010. Based on the information available online the city is the 91st largest community in the state of Texas. One of the main advantages of living in the city is that the commute time as compared to other parts of the country is not as high end as one would imagine. One can travel to various locations in a record span of 17minutes give or take, and since noise is limited, the advantage is that the pollution levels are also at a minimum.

Given that pollution is one of the causes of a variety of illnesses, this is such an advantage at Nacogdoches. Bus transportation is quite high as most of the people prefer using local transport as it limits their monthly overheads. This is perhaps one of the prime factors as to why there are limited pollution levels.

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Nacogdoches Texas Minimum Wage and Professional Bases

In terms of job content and the occupations available, there is no emphasis on blue or white collared jobs. There is a good mix of the two where the prime occupation levels are office workers, professionals and service providers. In terms of the statistics, administrative staff constitute a total of 13.07%, sales are at 12.28/13% and in the education field the amount is at 11.22% and growing.

The academic calendar at Nacogdoches is quite high as students consider it an imperative in getting to the next level. From the records and stats provided a large number of students who are at the age of 18 and above ensure that they get their education but do not frown down on the party scene, they balance the two. The average statistic states that most adults in this town hold a bachelor’s and a graduate degree indexed at 21.84% and people in the older age group definitely hold a bachelors degree.


Nacogdoches Texas Crime Rate

The annual crime rate determined by a host of information on the internet details that the rate is not as high as other parts of the county. The violent crime index provided indicates murder to be at .3% per 1000 people, rape at .97% at the one thousand people index, robbery at.80 per thousand, assault at 1.75% per thousand. The stats provided are based on the recorded information provided to law enforcement.

Of course, this is not including other heinous crimes like internet theft, and other online related crimes that are slowly doing the rounds across the board, and is not country specific. The property crime index in Nacogdoches is averaged at 1 per 37 people. Property crimes like burglary as per the reported index amounts to 189, calculated at 5.57% per thousand, theft at 20.28 per thousand, and motor vehicle theft at 1.12% per thousand.

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Nacogdoches Texas Related Information and Community Spirit

The small town rates the average annual income to be about $79,260 for a family of four members. While there is a vast difference between the white and blue collar variety, there are the haves and the have-nots as well. One can find quite a number of people living under the poverty line as well. As a city, there is immense diversity. Ethnic groups are noticeable in this small town. The Caucasian index is much higher than the African American index, but there is quite a large populace of Hispanics or Latino origins. Most of the ancestries of people in Nacogdoches include French, English, Scottish and Irish. English is the common language along with a host of others like Spanish and various Indian languages.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 24, 2019
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