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Naperville Police Departments Information

The Naperville Police Departments is responsible for law enforcement in the city of Naperville that is a part of DuPage and Will counties in the state of Illinois.

About the department

The City of Naperville Police Department operates in the city that has a total land area of 38.67 square miles of territory. The city of Naperville has a population of 141,853 and has been rated as the wealthiest city in the Midwest in a survey.

The Naperville Police Department has 250 employees who work to ensure law and order in the city. The department is accredited by CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies). The police department is managed by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners. The head of the department is the Chief of Naperville Police, the current incumbent is  Robert Marshall.

The Naperville Police Department Address is:

1350 Aurora Ave

Naperville IL 60540.

The phone number of the police department is (630) 420 6666. This number can be called to contact the department. In case of emergencies, residents should call 911.

The Naperville Police Department Email address is not shared by the department. One can connect to the department via Twitter on https://twitter.com/NapervillePD

The Naperville Police Department’s website is https://www.naperville.il.us/services/naperville-police-department/


The Chief of Police heads the Naperville police department and is responsible for the overall administration of the department. He is assisted by two Deputy Chiefs who are in charge of Patrol and Investigations. The Office of Professional Standards is headed by a Commander. A Deputy Director heads the Administrative Services department that handles records, telecommunications, and crime analysis. Budget services is handled by a coordinator.

The Patrol department is headed by the Deputy Chief who has Commanders to assist him. There are Commanders who head Patrol Operations, Company A and Company B (Day and Night operations). Each company is divided into zones headed by Sergeants who have officers to assist them.

The Investigation department is headed by the Deputy Chief, who has two Commanders handling Community Services and Major Crimes. Major crimes have units headed by Sergeants that handle crimes against persons, crimes against property, special operations group, financial crimes, and crime scenes. Investigators work under the Sergeants.

Joining the police

Joining the Naperville police is possible for all US citizens aged 21 to 35 having a bachelor’s degree and having good vision, and a POWER test card. Recruitment for the department is done through a written test, oral interview, polygraph exam, medical test, and a psychological evaluation.

Crime Reporting

A crime in Naperville can be reported by calling the police. For emergencies, one can call 911 and a patrol team would be dispatched for assistance. The department has an online reporting system that can be accessed by visiting http://p2c.naperville.il.us/p2c/main.aspx

Programs and Services

The Naperville police department offers different programs and services for citizens, as a part of its community services operations. Some of the programs and services they offer include:

AARP Smart driver class for drivers over 50 years.

Animal control to rescue strays and enforce animal welfare laws.

Connect for life that treats addiction through a network of resources within the community.

Citizen police academy that offers lectures and demonstrations to help the public know about the department and its working.

Crime free housing program to prevent drugs and other illegal activities in housing areas.

Hire an officer, where officers can be hired to help in events.

Police department tours to help people understand more about police department working.

Internship programs for youth interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Youth programs to ensure the safety of the youth of the city.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 26, 2021
Sensitive Information!