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Nebraska Government Records: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Nebraska?

According to the Nebraska Public Records Statutes, any person has the right to obtain, get access to, and receive copies of records of public officials. All government records are open to the state, except for documents expressly sealed away by the orders of the courts.

You do not have to be a citizen of Nebraska to access any documents in the state. You can access all kinds of government documents, whether it be executive, judicial, or legislative. The government records also include documents of the state, cities, councils, and villages.

How to obtain government records

Since government records are available for everyone in the state of Nebraska, you can simply request the agency in custody of the records for a copy. They are legally required to provide you the requested documents, unless, they are specifically disallowed to do so by law. You will have to copy the records at your own cost. If you are willing to bring in a scanner to the agency, copying the records will be free of cost for you.

Nebraska Government Records

After you place a record, the agency is required to report back to you within four days. In case the agency refuses access to the documents, you have te option of appealing their decision in court. In case the court finds that the rejection was unfounded, the individual at fault can face a Class III misdemeanor charge, which can also result in a loss of their position.

Requesting the record

You can request your required records in-person, through a verbal request, by email, or through the mail. There is no singular address for requesting the records. Rather, you have to write to the agency in question. You do not have to submit a reason for requesting the records.

The agency has four business days to respond. By the end of this period, they have to respond in one of the following ways:

  • Provide you with a copy of the requested government records
  • Send you an official notification which details why you cannot receive the record. They will have to also provide the time and date you can come to receive said documents
  • If the agency denies your record, they will have to provide you with a written notification stating why your request was declined. They will have to provide the specific statute that denies your access to the records
  • If certain records are exempt from public viewing by the state of Nebraska, the agency will have to provide you with all the non-exempt parts of the record.
Government Records Nebraska


You do not have to pay a fee to access records in Nebraska. You only have to pay added costs, which include:

  • Photocopies: Paying for photocopies of records include the cost of supplies such as paper, toner, ink, utilization of the equipment, and a service charge.
  • Printouts: The costs of computer printouts includes the costs of the running time of the computer, the printer, its ink, paper, and the service charge levied by the person making the copy.
  • Electronic statistics: if you require copies or printouts of electronic data or statistics, you are required to the total amount that includes programming and analysis by a third-party, the cost of information- technology services, computer run time, and the production of the documents furnished in the way asked by you.

Pay costs do not include the time spent by public officials in searching for the required documents. If you require a large number of records, you may be liable to pay a search fee if your request delays or hampers the operation of the office. If your total payment exceeds $50, you may be required to pay a prior deposit.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!