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Judicial Records Nebraska: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Nebraska?

The United States of America practices democracy and the right to freedom of information coalition. Under this act, any general public can access public records of the government bodies of Nebraska. There are few exemptions to this law where one does not get permission to view and access government records pertaining to scientific research, medical data, strategic information, high profile judicial information, student educational records, and law enforcement investigative records.

The Nebraska public record law can be referred at the Nebraska Statutes in 84-712.01 et seq. Under this law, the general public can access judicial records of the state with no prior permission or request letter.

Nebraska Judicial Records
Background check information

Judicial records are documents that are created and maintained by the Nebraska Police department, department of corrections and department of Justice. They carry information about court proceedings. These are paper documents, electronic media recordings, evidence, medical reports, arrest records, marriage or divorce records, property documents, civil or criminal lawsuits, etc. that are archived and maintained by the state archives.

One can refer to these records and perform a background check about an individual or a family. Generally, judicial records can be used to assess if a concerned person has been involved in criminal or fraudulent activity before. Mostly Judicial records contain background check information and employers or house lease agents use these records to perform background checks.

Free judicial records of Nebraska

The court records in the state of Nebraska can be accessed from

https://supremecourt.nebraska.gov/self-help/court-records the following website. One can find criminal history reports, juvenile criminal records, adoption decree copy, etc. from this data archive. Also one can apply for a request to obtain a typed transcript of a court proceeding in this Nebraska legal online self-help center. The Nebraska judicial branch can be contacted at

The administrative office of the courts

1213 State Capitol

1445 K Street

P.O box 98910

Lincoln NE 68509

Phone 402-471-3730

There is also a toll-free number where one can call for further assistance (844)-704-0328 and emails can be sent at nsc.courtinformation@nebraska.gov

Judicial Records Nebraska
JUSTICE – search engine

In Nebraska, the JUSTICE court case search system is an online database where one can access all the civil, criminal, traffic, juvenile and Probate judicial records filed under all the 93 counties, district and supreme courts. This is a paid service that involves $15 per search. To view court documents one has to become a subscriber Nebraska.gov. The search results include

  • Case details including the accused name, address, attorney and judge details
  • Court case information that mentions the court expense of the case hearing
  • Register of actions that will contain the case proceeding details including the first information report, investigation and the judgment

Nebraska Supreme Court is the highest legal authority and is responsible for hearing the cases and reserving judgment. The Nebraska Public Records Law was implemented in 1886 and in 2007 an amendment was passed related to this law. Judicial records that can be freely accessed under this law include:

  1. Driving violations
  2. Sex offense charges
  3. Larceny theft charges
  4. Property tax liens
  5. Robbery burglary cases
  6. Sentencing details
  7. Minor crimes
  8. Bankruptcy cases
  9. Assault battery charges
  10. Domestic violence cases
  11. Property feud case
  12. Conviction details etc.

Https://nebraska.staterecords.org/court.php is a free website maintained by the state government where the general public can find the above mentioned free judicial records. Accessing free judicial records helps to maintain transparency and safeguard government accountability to protect the freedom of Information coalition in the state. One can access the hard copy of records at the administrative office of the court Nebraska or write at www.securecheckout.cdc.nicusa.com/CheckOut to enquire about the status of the request.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!