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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in Nebraska

Verifying the work history of a potential employee candidate is now a common practice in most parts of the nation. Today, companies like to corroborate that the candidate they choose for their post, qualifies by all means, in terms of educational requisites, work experience and the information furnished by them is legit.

Thus, it is expected that the HR managers of the hiring organization verify the details furnished by the applicant and establish that they are true and not overstated to get hired.

Here’s how past employment verification or work history verification works in Nebraska:

Proof of Employment Letter

Most companies today offer the former employees a PoE letter. This helps the candidate prove his work position and tenure to be legit.

A PoE contains-

-Employer's Name, Location, contact number and other details that help verify employment.

-The job title at the present or former employer.

-The duration of employment

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But just to be sure, organizations simply call the applicant's previous workplaces, talk to the authorized personnel and gather the required details that are required. A simple phone call can help HR managers to affirm facts such as employment dates at the previous job, position the applicant worked in, track records about employee behavior and why the applicant quit from the previous organization.

Other Methods That Prove Employment

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the HR of the hiring company to get in touch with the previous employers. In such situations, companies utilize other means to substantiate employment. Some of them being-

-Pay stubs- Some posts require applicants to provide records of income from the former employer. This comes in handy when the applicant’s income is the primary interest. For instance, credit card applications where income becomes pivotal. Although this is a good way to certify work history, there are legalities that govern such information and can be accessed only if deemed necessary.

-References- Former companies often provide their past employees with references. A reference provides the hiring company with details about the applicant's role at his/her old workplace and the performance levels too. In addition to this, references provide employers with details of former managers and other colleagues with whom they can get in touch. Moreover, companies today reference checks now and again.

-Contracts and Agreements- Formal contract documents are legal proof of association with the previous company. However, it does not substantiate whether the employee stayed on the job and performed the said duties.

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Hire Third Parties To Run Background Checks

From time to time, companies like to hire third parties to run background checks on candidates who are selected for the position. With several fake websites that vouch for employee credibility, companies have become more cautious and hire third parties to verify applicants' details. A third party organization provides reliable details about previous positions about the applicant. In addition to that, some employers also like to verify the applicants’ driving record, credit history, and even criminal records if any.

However, employers have to abide by legal limits while gathering and using any such information about the candidate. Moreover, third party organizations these employers hire are subject to the FCRA or the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the state laws too. In Nebraska, it is mandatory that employers and third parties abide by the laws concerning the candidate's consumer reports, criminal records, and driving record, etc.

Furthermore, the laws of the state and FCRA prohibit employers from probing the criminal records of the applicant until the company has decided that the candidate is eligible and meets the basic requirements of the offered job.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!