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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in NevadaNevada has a number of bankruptcy cases is quite high. Bankruptcy cases have been filed under chapters 7 and 13. That means bankruptcy cases are not uncommon in Nevada. So people who have filed for bankruptcy need not feel alone.

What is the purpose of bankruptcy laws?

Bankruptcy laws exist to provide relief for people who overburden with debt. These laws provide these people with the option of stopping foreclosure of the mortgages. The filing will give the time to make the payments that they had missed. Not only that these laws give these people a chance to start afresh. People who file for bankruptcy in Nevada will find their name included in the Nevada Bankruptcy Records.
Difference between Chapter 7 and 13

Under Chapter 7, the individual can keep only exempted properties. The non-exempted properties will be sold off to help pay the creditors. However, under Chapter 13 the individual can keep all of their properties. The catch is that they have to pay the creditor back. The payment will have to be made according to a plan set by the court. People who file under Chapter 13 should pay their dues within three to five years.

State Records Nevada

Rules for Filing for Bankruptcy in Nevada

Federal bankruptcy exemption is not followed in Nevada. So if an individual wish to file for bankruptcy in Nevada must make use of its exemptions. However, they can use certain federal bankruptcy exemptions when applicable.

Nevada requires that individuals must be a resident of the state for 730 days. Many individuals have stayed in more than one state for the last two years. To determine the exemptions for these individuals one must consider the 180 days period before that. In case they have stayed in more than one state during the period, they must use exemption of the state they stayed the longest.

Individuals who file for bankruptcy will be provided with credit counseling. There will be two such sessions. The first session will take place before the individual files for bankruptcy. The second session will take place after filing.
Choosing to file through an attorney or by themselves

The decision about filing bankruptcy should be decided by the individual. However, there are two things that one must consider while deciding. The first is the amount of time and effort they are willing to spend. And the second is the amount of money they are willing to spend.

If they find that they are willing to spend quite a bit of time and effort researching and filing then they can file for bankruptcy by themselves. But if they are not willing to spend that much time and effort, they should choose to file using an attorney.

The main problem with filing for bankruptcy by oneself is choosing the chapter under which to file. To do so one has to do extensive research and then file for bankruptcy. In case, they decide to file through an attorney, the attorney will help them file under the right chapter.

Public Records Nevada

Who all can view Nevada Public Bankruptcy Records?

Nevada has introduced a law stating court records are public records unless it is prohibited by law. This law was passed in 1906 and the latest amendment to the law was done in 2003. According to this law, Bankruptcy Records Nevada can be viewed by any resident.

How can one view the Nevada Bankruptcy Public Records?

Residents of Nevada can view the Bankruptcy Records in Nevada. Many sites are currently available and many of them can provide this information. One of the sites that people can use is nevada.staterecords.org/. This site provides other information besides that. On the search page, the individual can choose what details they want.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!