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Government Records Nevada: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Nevada?

As per the Public Records Law of Nevada, you can have access to all public books and records of any government entity. If the document has not been marked as classified, you can file a request for entrance. There are no limitations on who can submit a request to inspect the documents.

What type of Government Bodies comes under the PRL Nevada?

Any elected or appointed officer of Nevada or a political subdivision of the state along with state boards, state commissions, state councils, state departments and divisions, state authorities, or any other unit of government of Nevada are covered under PRL. Also, a university foundation irrespective of its stature as a nonprofit, association, institution, or a charitable organization will fall under the Law. It also covers private entities that are under government contracts to provide services to the public.

Nevada Government Records
Definition of Public Records

As per the Law, all the books and records, except those that are exempted under the Law, must be made available for any member of the public. You can access these documents during regular business hours. If you want to obtain records of a private contractor who is providing services to the public under a government contract, they should have a separate department to provide the information.

If the records have any information such as name, address, telephone number, or any identification markers of one or more persons associated with the department or otherwise, it can be marked as confidential. The stature has no specific definition of the public record, and it is determined by case law. The government entities and the courts must apply a balance between the public interest and the interest of the department.

How to make a Public Records Request?

As per the Public Records Law, you do not have to request in writing. The public entity must reply to the request within five business days once they receive the offer. In case the department ha no control of the request records, it is the duty of the department to inform the requester that they do not have the jurisdiction to provide the documents. The reply must be in writing, and the department is obliged to provide the name and address of the government department that has the control of the record. If the department requires more time to deliver the documents, they have to provide a tentative date by which the requester can get the documents in writing.

If the documents or a part of the documents have been marked as confidential and the department refuses to provide the materials, the department must give a reply in writing and include that fact in the response along with the information of the legal authority who marked the document as classified.

Government Records Nevada
Do you have to pay for the requests?

As per the Law, the government entity may charge for providing the information, but the cost must not exceed the price of making a copy of the record unless the regulation has set any fees for a copy. If the documents are available for free, which is the case for electronic documents, the department cannot charge any fees. The fee has to be paid at the office from where the information can be obtained.


If the department has denied access to the requested documents, you can file a petition to the district court in the county where the department is located. The court will decide if the materials can be provided or not. In case the court grants permission to access the documents, you may recover reasonable fees and costs of the attorneys.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!