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Judicial Records Nevada: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Nevada?

Nevada has declared that the residents of the State should have access to judicial records unless it is prohibited by the law. The records can be in the form of paper, maps, unpublished books, and photographs. It has also included information stored on optical discs, magnetic tapes, and laser discs.

The state had expanded the net to visual materials, audio materials, and microforms. The condition that the state places it that the materials must either made by the state or received by the state agency. Any such record that has been received by the state agency can be viewed and copied by the residents of the State of Nevada.

Nevada Judicial Records
Documents that are public property

The following documents are considered public property.

  • Criminal records. This is not limited to warrants. It also includes wants, convictions and jail records
  • Sex offender records.
  • Court records. This includes records regarding the trial, jury duty and any activity done in court
  • Driving records.
  • Certificates: This includes birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, and divorce certificate
  • Filings: This includes bankruptcy filings, lien filings, and judgment filings
How does one get access to public documents

The best way to gain access to public documents is to approach the agency that either created them or has acquired them. This is the best way forward. Each agency would have a procedure in place to deal with requests for public information.

The process of going directly to the concerned agency is long. Especially when the document is located in a different town or county. Fortunately, this need not be the case. Nowadays thanks to the Internet, you can access this information more easily. Two sites can help you gather the required information.

The first is https://nevada.staterecords.org/ and the other is http://publicrecords.searchsystems.net/United_States_Free_Public_Records_by_State/Nevada_Public_Records/.

The first site provides the required information in one place while the other provides links that you can use to get the information.

In the first site, you can start searching using the first and last name. These two are necessary. Adding the city would be added information, but it is not necessary. In case you choose to use this site you must remember that you have agreed that it is a private site and you would not use the information found on this site for illegal activities. Using this site you can find records of warrants and arrests, court records, criminal records, and other vital records.

Judicial Records Nevada

This site would search through all the databases found in the different counties of Nevada along with the different agencies (local and state) to get the judicial records that you need. However, they do charge for the information. Their basic package is a seven-day package for which they would charge you 4.95 dollars.

The main problem is the auto upgrading process. That is they do not ask you after the expiry of the basic package whether you want the monthly package or not. If you do not cancel within the seven days, they would automatically enroll you in the monthly subscription. The monthly subscription costs around 19.95 dollars per month and they would charge you that till you cancel.

Even if you cancel you must do so before the monthly renewal date or you will be charged for the month.

The second site will not provide you the information directly but will provide you with links that would take you to sites that would. This site, however, allows you to find links to your particular county or city.

It also allows you to search based on the type of record you are trying to find. Even then not all the links that they provide are free. Many of them are pay sites that require you to register and pay before you can get the record you need.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!