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New Braunfels Texas Overview, Crime Rate Statistics, and Related Information

Falling under the purview of two counties in the state of Texas, Guadalupe, and Comal, New Braunfels is city located in Greater San Antonio. It is situated deep into the center of Texas Hill Country. It was founded by Germans settlers in 1845 which is how it is loaded with Texas charm and old heritage.

New Braunfels is a hub of tourist attraction. Blessed with two rives on the side and operational waterpark and wildlife sanctuary, activities for fun in New Braunfels are uncountable. Texas’ biggest cavern system, Natural Bridge Cavern, can be found at the west of New Braunfels.

Another popular tourist spot is the Natural bridge wildlife ranch which offers an authentic and culturally accurate Texan safari across the park. It is also a great and suitable tourist spot for children as McKenna Children’s Museum. Here the kids get to experience a full demonstration of the moon landing from a rocket ship. Then one of USA’s most popular waterpark resorts is also in New Braunfels. Schlitterbahn waterpark resort has been popular with the tourists for a while now.

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Due to its German foundation, in November, New Braunfels turn into stateside Munich. One of the largest Oktoberfests in the USA is Wurstfest that takes place in New Braunfels. It is considered to be extremely authentic as well. The city is also blessed with impeccable views.

For a quiet evening in New Braunfels, a stretch of 80 miles shoreline can be witnessed in New Braunfels. The city also hosts one of USA’s last drive-ins wherein a movie can be watched in the comforts of your car under the starts, just like in the old times. The city also has several adventure and waterparks to offer just for tourist purposes.


New Braunfels Texas Crime Rate Statistics

New Braunfels is of those cities in the USA and Texas, where a person feels safe to live in. It has a crime rate that falls 28% below the national average of the USA. The crimes per 100,000 residents have been accounted to be 5.39 on a daily basis, and the city is considered to be 41% safer than other cities in the USA. The chances of becoming a victim of a crime whether it is violent or property crime in New Braunfels is 1 in 51.

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The crime rate in New Braunfels is low in comparison to other cities, but considering that, the incidents of crimes reported is not very high. Regarding violent crimes, for every 100,000 residents only 1.3murders, 42.9 rapes, 37.7 robbery, and 168.8 assaults are reported bringing to a total of 251 incidents. Then regarding property crimes, only 287 burglaries, 1236.5 thefts, and 192.2 motor vehicle thefts are reported bringing to a total of 1716. These numbers are not very high considering the low level of crimes that take place, but still, New Braunfels remains one of the safest cities in Texas.

New Braunfels Texas Population

As of 2017, the population of New Braunfels stands at some 79,152. There has been a constant increase in the population every year since 2010. The difference of increase has differed each year, but the numbers have certainly always gone up. It was just the stretch between 1990 and 2000 when the change in increase of population was not very high.

New Braunfels Texas Minimum wage

The minimum wage criterion in New Braunfels is not centrally applicable but what has been devised at the state level. However, the minimum wage standard is $7.2 per hour which is equivalent to the federal standard of the minimum wage. It applies to all employees’ only exceptions being student workers and tipped employees among others.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 24, 2019
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