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New Hampshire Public Records

The New Hampshire FOIA Law, aka the New Hampshire Right to Know Law guarantees that the public in the state will have access to government records. According to the law, the citizens of New Hampshire can view the public records that involve state affairs.

Residents of the state can also access vital records, i.e. birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, and also civil union records. The records can be obtained via the Vital Records Administration, Division of Vital Records Administration. The requests to the office can be made via mail, or on the Vital Records Administration’s website.

Criminal records of offenders in New Hampshire can be requested from the New Hampshire State Police Criminal Records. To get a criminal records history of a certain person, you must fill out a records information request. Requests for criminal history records can be only be made via mail, or in person.

New Hampshire – Laws and Vital Information

The current New Hampshire constitution was enacted in 1784, and it replaced the 1776 constitution. The first part of the document contains a bill of rights and 43 articles, and most of it is very similar to the US constitution.

“The Laws of the State of New Hampshire (NH Laws) contains all the acts (laws) and resolves enacted during a legislative session”. In the past, NH had two annual law meetings, but in 1984, the biannual meetings became an annual affair. During the meetings, laws in the state of New Hampshire are revised, and new laws are enacted when necessary.

Fees for Public Records in New Hampshire

The search fee for vital records in New Hampshire is $15.00, plus any additional fees for credit card transactions. Each extra copy of a certified vital records costs $10.00.

The fee for a criminal records history report is $25.00.

 New Hampshire Public Records

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

As of today, several free background check websites can provide you with information about vital records in New Hampshire, as well as criminal records in the state. With these websites, you will be able to search for public records in New Hampshire without having to file requests with the vital records office or the state police.

However, when you use free background check websites, you need to keep in mind the following problems:

  1. False advertising - there are free background check sites that do not provide a full check free of charge. These sites will only give you a limited amount of information for free but will require you to pay for any additional data.
  2. Lack of access to public records -  there are free background check websites that provide completely free websites that you can use to find information that you need in New Hampshire. The problem is that you will not receive all the information that you need because free background check websites lack the resources to access all the public records in the state.
  3. Lack of protection - free background check websites do not have the means to provide their users with protection of their search history, as well as their personal information.
  4. No customer service - if you have any question relating a public records search, you will not be able to get answers for them because free background check sites do not have the funds to provide such a service.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

The best way to find public records and run a background check in New Hampshire, you need to use GoLookUp. Unlike free background check websites, GoLookUp provides full services relating to any search and any public records service in New Hampshire.

public records  New Hampshire

The public records search on the website can be conducted by providing either a phone number, a name, a physical address, or an email address of the person you have questions about. The New Hampshire background check provided by GoLookUp includes information about people’s past, such as his/her criminal records, arrest records, mugshots, sexual offenses, contact information, social media data, employment history, marital records and much more. For the best background check service, GoLookUp also has a the full means to

offer users with protection of their personal information, and also their searches. In case you have any questions regarding a service on GoLookUp, you can call the professional customer service at any hour of the day or night. For a professional background check service, you need to use a website that has full access to New Hampshire public records, and GoLookUp is the best place for that kind of information.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!