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Judicial Records New Hampshire: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Right to Know Law states that transparent public business is an essential purpose of a democratic government. The government should ensure proper public access to the actions, discussion, and records of all bodies, and accountability to the people. New Hampshire provides insufficient Online information to the state's trial courts,at-present reports are available in the non-confidential data models of small claims and estate access.

New Hampshire Public Records includes a comprehensive variety of family records that can help you as part of your research, such as land ownership, court, taxes, and background check. Given, New Hampshire's Court Records covers such a wide assortment of subjects then it can help you in a lot of ways like tracing ancestor's origin, recognize occupation, location of financial data, ascertaining citizenship standing, or shed lights on the relationship within the individual cases.

New Hampshire Judicial Records varies widely from county to county in both level of position and volume, distinctive courts might posses your required subject and some research on that is necessary.

New Hampshire Judicial Records

New Hampshire Court Record

The index for provincial court records for New Hampshire is up to 1771. The specific county seat was selected and they took hold of the court record after that year. Many of these Record has been replaced from county to New Hampshire's record and Archive. These Records include:

  • Grafton(1773-1899)
  • Hillsborough(to 1880)
  • Merrimack(to 1870)
  • Rockingham(1772-1860)
  • Strafford(1773-1850)

The basic rule of Judicial records is that it must be made available to the public upon request and then inspected and copied as necessary. The government must respond within five working days. Though Certain records are kept confidential and are not accessible to the general public.

The state archives of New Hampshire include microfilmed docket volumes and court documents for the regions of Grafton, and Merrimack.

To access New Hampshire Judicial Records, you need to have Public Access to Court Electronic Record(PACER) by completing an online registration form. For instant access, you need to provide details of your credit card during registration.

There is no registration fee and obtaining judicial documents from the government website is free but a 0.10$ charge per page is generated. Visit New Hampshire District Court and submit your unique pacer username and password and then you will get access to all the court records. To view the files free of charge, you may visit any public terminal in Clerk's Office in New Hampshire.govinfo also provides free access to publications from all branches of the federal government.

Colonial Court Records

  • New Hampshire Colonial Court Records includes civil court cases, diverse materials in over 30,000 files and directories found at the division of records and administration archives in Concord, New Hampshire.
  • New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers are archived and can be obtained at New Hampshire's official Website.
Judicial Records New Hampshire

New Hampshire Vital Records

New Hampshire Division of Vital Records(DVRA) is the only state resource that distributes vital records like Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage and Divorce Certificates. They also have a genealogical examination vault which is open to the public containing record which goes back to the year 1640.

They are also responsible for issuing birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates and provide records to validated Individuals and agencies that have all the necessary documents and proofs to support the issuance of the vital record. To find if you can obtain the vital record or not, visit sos.nh.gov and fill out the applicant form.

To obtain a certified copy of the vital record, complete the application by visiting the website, completing the form and then send it to the DVRA, thee fee charged would be 15$. So, before requesting vital records do read their vital record access policy.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!