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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in New HampshireHiring the right employees for your company is equivalent to the growth of your establishment. Nowadays, it becomes an arduous task to hire the right employees for your farm as most of the companies get tired of going through the screening process of the employees and as a result, they end up hiring the wrong person.
Instead of wasting the resources and precious hours, it is best to find out the work history candidates before hiring them. It will make the process very convenient and it will also let you grab the best hire.  In New Hampshire, the criminal records are on the rise. So, there is a high chance that you may hire the wrong person. It becomes very popular among the companies in New Hampshire to find out the work history of a person before providing the job to him.

New Hampshire Work History Records

Reasons to find out the work history

Background screening of an employee before hiring him or her for a job has become a prerequisite for a company. It not only helps them in the ease of doing business but also prevents them from any future complications. There are several reasons behind this necessary steps of background screening-

● Some people make fallacious claims in their resume
● There are instances where the applicants become associated with criminal activity, but they choose not to disclose it in their application form.
● The cost of the background screening is very less compared to the fees you may have to pay later. So, it is better to remain on the safe side from the very beginning.
Laws regarding Applicant’s Work History Checks

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), an employer can not acquire a history of someone’s working career through a background check without informing him with proper documentation. Upon receiving the consent, employers may carry out background screening. The County Criminal Record check, Educational Verification, MVR reports, Address traces, etc. are some of the primary legal searches that employers can do.

First, you have to collect a Release form from the background screening company and that form needs to be signed by the applicant. That form then needs to be presented to the background screening company. After that, make your applicant aware of your rights regarding the screening under FCRA.

If you find any discrepancies in the work history record, you should immediately contact the New Hampshire State Police to avoid any kind of trouble in the future. Being an employer, you must keep the information regarding the work history of the applicant for at least five years.

Work History Records New Hampshire

How to find out Someone’s Work History

1. Numerous websites offer you to search for anyone’s work history, provided you have the legal documentation. GoLookUp is the largest web portal to find out the working history of a person. The information they provide is purely confidential.

You have to put the right name and state of the person you are searching about to get the records. This is a website that updates their database in real-time. So, what information you are getting is accurate. You will be able to access the police records, property information, address information, employment information of that person.

2. National Employment screening is another FCRA compliant website that offers you to get someone's work history without any fixed maintenance charges. Upon receiving your call, they will discuss your requirements regarding your searches and the cost of your services will be based on your requirements.

They offer pre-employment credit reports, pre-employment credentialing, pre-employment drug screening, and another working history checking. It is the easiest and fastest way to find out someone’s working history before hiring them.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!