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Judicial Records New Jersey: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of New Jersey?

Owing to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act of 1995, the residents of the state of New Jersey have the fundamental right of accessing any judicial public record of their choice. The exception being some confidential and sensitive records, the Court of New Jersey is always answerable to the public demand of appeal for accessing freely the public records of the judiciary.

This revolutionary Act was introduced in 1995, has undergone an amendment in 2002, and aims to promote a sense of trust and transparency between the citizens and the government. The New Jersey Open Public Records Act states that the citizens have a fundamental right to access any public record as long as that access is not prohibited by some other law.

How to Access Records?

New Jersey residents can apply for the disclosure of judicial records to the Supreme Court’s Clerk’s Office. The office is ready to cater to the public every week, from Monday to Friday. The timings for the same is 8:30 A.M to 4:30 P.m. Given below is the address of the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office for the reader’s convenience.


R.J. Hughes Justice Complex

Supreme Court Clerk's Office

P.O. Box 970

Trenton, NJ 08625-0970

Days and Timings: Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

New Jersey Judicial Records

Exceptional Cases

As already mentioned once, even though most of the case records indulge in maintaining the transparency between the government and the public, and aids in promoting the sense of accountability of the government; there are exceptions. The Court may not be liable in releasing or disclosing the records of some sensitive or confidential cases, in accordance with the rules that govern the Courts. For instance, records regarding sexually abused child victims, secrets of the trade, and so on. The judge holds the power to identify the level of confidentiality of a case.

How to access Judicial Records Online?

Residents of New Jersey can visit the official website of the New Jersey Courts, and access the already computerized case records falling under the custody of New Jersey Courts. They must note that the records are only meant for only informational purposes. No manipulation or transfer of the records shall be tolerated. Moreover, the information provided by the Court is only intended for public service and thus, is not accountable for neither expressed nor implied warranties, or ensures any accuracy of the same. The Court is not liable for reliability, completeness, suitability, and so on, for any purpose.

As aforementioned, any kind of alleged manipulation of the Judiciary records will lead to a criminal prosecution on the doer, which may include either civil penalties or disciplinary action, whichever is suitable as a punishment for the crime that was undertaken. Plus, the Judiciary WILL seek indemnification if such cases of illegal interference are found.

Types of Records Available for Access

Case records of the Civil Division which includes the Chancery General Equity Records, Special Civil Part Records, Family Division Records, Criminal Division Records, and Municipal Division Records are permitted to be accessed by the public. The photocopies of these records are also available for purchase. All a person needs to do is to submit a request form for accessing or purchasing a copy of a record.

Types of Copies Available

There are six kinds of accessible copies available:

Plain Copy: It is the photocopy of the document of the Court.

Certified Copy: The photocopy of a court document, having a seal of the Superior Court.

Seal of the Court: The seal may be affixed on a certified copy.

Exemplified Copy: This copy displays the clerk’s attestation and the seal of the court. These kinds of copies are generally asked for when admitted in other courts within the United States.

Judicial Records New Jersey

Triple Exemplified Copy: Along with the certification of the personnel mentioned in the section of exemplified copy, this copy holds an additional certification of the judge who verifies the authority of the clerk.

Apostille: In case of transactions that involve country with a subscription to the Hague Treaty, and is processed by the New Jersey Division of Revenue. An Apostille is an attestation to the legal status of court officials. For this copy, a person must request for the Exemplified copy from the Clerk’s office of Superior Court and then pass it on to the Division of Revenue.

The Location of Court Records

Residents may find the Active Records by contacting the local courthouse of the State where the hearing of the case was held. To access State-wide judgment lien records and Foreclosure case records, one will need to contact the Superior Court Clerk’s Office. For Closed Records, contact must be established with the local courthouse; and for Closed Archived Records like Civil Cases, Divorce Cases, Foreclosure Cases, General Equity Case, and so on, Clerk’s Office of the Superior Court must be contacted.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!