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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in New MexicoThe repayment of debt to creditors by borrowers who are unable to meet their financial liabilities is governed by bankruptcy law. According to law, state courts are not allowed to preside over cases that fall within the purview of bankruptcy—only federal courts have jurisdiction to do so. The general public can access bankruptcy case information using several methods.
  • Justia- Justia contains case briefs on the district of New Mexico bankruptcy cases that can be found here: https://dockets.justia.com/browse/state-new_mexico/court-nmdce/noscat-9. An online database of case records, Justia makes legal information available to all. To find additional case information, simply log in using your PACER credentials.
  • UniCourt- UniCourt is an online tool that unifies case history derived from multiple sources. This resource provides data on summaries, documents, analytics regarding bankruptcy cases in New Mexico. Priced at $39 per month for individuals and $99 per month for organizations, UniCourt also tracks and shares the latest case updates.
In addition to the above methods, bankruptcy records may also be found at the bankruptcy court in New Mexico. Depending on the year the case was filed and whether it is open or closed, case files may be accessed in several ways.

State Records New Mexico
  • Cases Filed Post 2003- Beginning 2003 and after, many bankruptcy cases were filed electronically in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico. These can be accessed via the centralized Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. If you are aware of the federal court the case was filed in, log in to PACER and enter the same information to retrieve case records. If you do not know the federal court, the PACER Case Locator can help you find this information and locate case history by conducting searches on a national level.
  • Closed Cases- When a bankruptcy case is closed, it is first stored in Albuquerque along with all the closed cases for that year. After the year ends, all closed cases, due to lack of physical storage space in Albuquerque, are sent to the National Archives and Records Administration Office (NARA) for storage. The NARA Office also consists of the Denver Federal Records Center that serves the state of New Mexico. Cases that were filed through 2004 and closed within June 2007 are presently located in the Denver Federal Records Center.
  • Cases Filed Prior to 2003- Prior to 2003, much of the cases that were legislated are maintained in paper format. These records can be obtained from the terminals for public access in the clerk’s office of the court that the case was filed in. Paper files can also be accessed from the Denver Federal Records Center with consent from the state-federal agency.
PACER may also be used to locate information for cases filed before 2003. It is useful to know that access to information through PACER is prohibited on cases that were filed prior to December 1, 2003, and consequently closed for one year. This prohibition is waived for parties involved in the case, individuals using the public access terminal in court, or if an Order is placed permitting access to some customers or cases.

Public Records New Mexico
Fees and Contact Information- Documents obtained through PACER cost 10 cents per page for a maximum price of $3 for a 30-page document. More information about fees can be found on the Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule page.

Paper case files located in Albuquerque may be obtained from the Office of the Clerk for no charge. Copies can be made for $0.50 per page and might require up to two business days to process. Copies can be requested by filling out the Copy Request Form and submitting it to the Clerk’s Office.

The cost of retrieving a case located at The Denver Federal Records Center is $53. To request a file, the fee can be made to the Clerk’s Office in Albuquerque. Following its receipt, the Clerk sends a request for the file and it arrives approximately within five business days. The Denver Federal Records Center is located at 17101 Huron Street, Broomfield, CO 80023-8909 and can be reached at (303) 604-4760.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!