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Government Records New Mexico: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of New Mexico?

Every US state endeavors to enhance transparency and ethical governance across its different government agencies. One of the many ways it does so is by ensuring that relevant government records are made available to the general populace swiftly and conveniently.

The state of New Mexico is also striving hard to achieve this important objective. Therefore, currently, the New Mexico government provides several ways for the general public to access their government records. The following sections detail out such channels.

Obtaining Judicial Records

Judicial records can entail several things involving the everyday functioning of courts. These involve court opinions, settlements, transcripts, exhibits, documents submitted pre or post-trial and dockets. Judicial records also document court budgets and certain details of judges like their received remuneration, selection procedure, current court vacancies and so forth.

New Mexico Government Records

The state of New Mexico operates under the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA), which directs every public institution to make available their records for public viewing whenever requested. In fact, it is well under a person’s right to take legal recourse if their access request is turned down. Therefore, under IPRA New Mexico courts provide the public with different ways of accessing judicial records.

Civil and criminal case records are held by the courts where the case was initially filed. So, you can go to a particular district or magistrate or even county courts to physically view case records. The court clerk’s office allows the general public to access their records in person. The official New Mexico Court website can be used to view different courts and their locations. This web page is available at - https://ipra.nmcourts.gov/public-records-request.aspx.

You can also request case records electronically by filling out an online form. It must be kept in mind that seeking copies of such records might incur a small fee. If you want records from a magistrate or district court then you need to send your request to the judicial district where that particular court is situated in. Also, by law, you are required to provide some personal details when requesting government records.

These details include your name, home address, phone number, and email address. The above-mentioned website also holds a link you can access if you want to look for a particular case number. This case number will greatly help you in narrowing down your search for specific records and will even identify the court that houses those records.

Government Records New Mexico
Obtaining State Archives

The New Mexico Commission of Public Records maintains state public records through their State Records Center and Archives initiative. They have a huge database that contains records from different governmental branches- judicial, legislative and executive. A lot of these records are very important from a historical and cultural perspective and hence, the drive to carefully store them and make them available to the subsequent younger generations. 

They have an online catalog that is available at - http://www.srca.nm.gov/nm-archives-heritage-search/. The State Archives include not just plain old documents but also photos, motion films, recordings, and maps. Since the digitization process is slow and ongoing you might not always find what you are looking for in the online catalog. In that case, you can contact the Records Center via their phone- (505) 476-7948 or you can email your request at archives@state.nm.us.

Obtaining Crime Records

New Mexico State Records is an online repository of millions of public records. These pertain to arrests made, court proceedings, criminal records, lawsuits, civil judgments, police reports, jail records, and inmate records. The public records available here date from as far back as the year 1621 and cover all 33 counties that make up the state of New Mexico. All this information can be accessed through this website: - https://newmexico.staterecords.org/.

All in all, the New Mexico State provides several online and offline avenues that an individual can utilize to access government records of several different government agencies. This ensures that every person’s fundamental right to information is respected.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!