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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in New Mexico

Every human being works to earn money and use it for their needs and wants. Some keep changing jobs as their ambition is to reach higher success in their career. When one moves from one city to another in search of a better job, they need to fetch their work history details for filling up their Curriculum Vitae. To find out someone’s Work History in New Mexico, one can follow the following steps:

The New Mexico State Personnel Office website

The State Personnel Office website of New Mexico is a one-stop contact point for work history and employment verification. It helps one with direction, guidance, and services that will maximize the state government’s ability to serve its citizens well. With 18,000 state employees and 68 divisions, the SPO helps one to apply for jobs, learn what training opportunities are offered, get information on the classified service workforce and obtain the event’s calendar. The website can be reached at https://www.spo.state.nm.us/

Also, the New Mexico State Personnel Office can be contacted at

Santa Fe Office
2600 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe
New Mexico 87505-3258
Phone (505) 476-7759

State Records New Mexico
The State Personnel Director is Lady Pamela D. Coleman and she has a mission to help people with desired employment and a happy lifestyle. There is a webpage that is under development for employment verification and work history details verification. Upon the launch of this page, one shall be able to fetch the work history details by typing the first name, last name and social security number

Background check Agencies

To find out someone’s work history in New Mexico, one can take the help of background check agencies or third-party websites. These are paid services and to complete the request it can take a fortnight. Most of the background check includes the following methods to obtain work history namely:

  • By checking one's tax records by obtaining the past submitted tax receipts (1099 form).
  • Accessing one’s bank statement.
  • From one’s payslip entries
  • There is a Social Security Earnings detail maintained by every employer that can be obtained by requesting the SSE information form. This is a paid service.
  • Writing to the previous employer’s human resource department and trying to collect the missing information

Extensive work history from prior employers

While recruiting one for a job, some HR managers might be interested in the last work experience and the contact details and some might dig up the entire work history of the person concerned. These will be covered under employee background checks. Most of this information is available with the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service department of the state.

Obtaining civil records

Work history can be obtained by performing a background check on the person and collecting civil records and references related to that person. These civil records include details like employment timeline citing references and contact details. This might also include a criminal database record check as well to assure the candidate is free of any kind of allegation.

Public Records New Mexico
If the concerned has committed any workplace criminal activity those details will be mentioned in the experience and conduct certificate of the concerned. This verification check can be gathered from the county and federal history database.

Unemployment Office

Each state's unemployment office maintains the employment records for individuals on two conditions:

  • If the concerned has worked as an in-house government employee
  • If they had worked in a contract under government offices.

This process is called self-request for records and in New Mexico, one can get records for the past 10 years in this process. This is a free service and hence it is most preferred by state employees to get their data.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!