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New Smyrna Beach Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

New Smyrna Beach is a city located in Volusia County in Florida and is situated in the eastern region of the state. It is one of the medium-sized cities in Florida and is regarded as one of the best surf towns in the world.

New Smyrna Beach Florida overview

The United States Census Bureau, estimated New Smyrna Beach to have a total area of 37.8 square miles (98.0 km2). 34.6 square miles (89.7 km2) of land area, and 0.31 square miles (0.8 km2) of it (8.46%) as water area. It is surrounded by the city of Port Orange to the northwest, unincorporated Volusia County to the north, the census-designated place of Samsula-Spruce Creek falls to the west, whereas the cities of Edgewater and Bethune Beach and the Canaveral National Seashore to the south.

It has the Atlantic Ocean on the east. New Smyrna Beach is located on the Indian River. The city stays connected to rest of the state by Interstate 95, U.S. Route 1, State Road 44, and State Road 442. 
The 2010 census noted that it has a population of 22,464 people. The ethnic composition of the city was found to be 90.8% White, 5.9% African American, 0.3% Native American, 1.1% Asian, 0.5% from other races, and 1.4% from two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race were 2.8% of the population.

New Smyrna Beach Public Records
The most common foreign languages spoken are Spanish, Vietnamese, German. Scandinavian, Greek, and Thai speakers are also there. The population distribution according to age is 13.9% fall under the age of 18, 3.6% from 20 to 24, 17.9% from 25 to 44, 31.3% from 45 to 64, and 31.6% are 65 years of age or older. The median age is noted to be 54.3 years: females from 52.1% of the population, and males 47.9%.

Approximately a total of 11,913 households and the median household income is $50,233. The most popular occupations are, by the number of people living in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, are Management, Business, Science, & Arts, Service, and Sales & Office.  Most skilled workers find employment in industries such as Legal; Food & Serving; and Fire Fighting Supervisors. However, the highest paid workers work are Health Practitioners; Management and Legal Practitioners. New Smyrna Beach, has lower than average national income gap, estimated to be 0.479 as per the Gini index.

New Smyrna Beach Florida Crime statistics

The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI reported in 2016 that for every 100k people there is about 418 violent crime. Out of the reported 103 violent crimes in 2016, 4 were rape cases; robbery occurred in 7 while aggravated assault cases were 92. Violent crimes generally comprise crimes such as murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. For 100k people property crime occurs 3,407 number of times. Property crimes include the offenses of burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Out of the 840 cases reported burglary cases were 166, larceny-theft cases were 626 and motor vehicle theft cases were 48.

New Smyrna Beach Court Records

NeighborhoodScout noted that New Smyrna Beach in comparison to other communities of the similar population has a crime rate, violent and property crimes combined much higher than the national average. It has been noted that there is a chance that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in New Smyrna Beach in 1 in 250. And chances of falling victim to property related crime is 33 per 1000, which is also quite high.

New Smyrna Beach Florida Conclusion

It is estimated that in New Smyrna Beach one has a 1 in 27 chance of becoming a victim to any type of crime. Over the year crime rate in New Smyrna Beach has increased by 5%. It has a 35% higher than the national average of the crime rate. It is estimated to be only safer than 22% of cities in the United States.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
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