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New York City, New York: Overview of City: Crime Rate Statistics, Arrest Records, Population, Minimum Wage and Related Information

Many people refer the New Work State interchangeably with New York City. They relate it with the urban and majestic skyscrapers of Manhattan, “The Big Apple,” Wall Street, Central Park, and Broadway shows.

New York City, New York City overview:

The fact is that many people hardly realize that the 54,520 sq. Miles of the state are predominated by an abundance of natural resources such as lakes, mountains, rivers, forests, and farms. You can get an idea of its vastness from the fact that simply the size of its Adirondack State Park is approximately the same as that of the American state of Vermont. The beaches of New York, fresh water, as well as, ocean span over several hundreds of mile. Incidentally, New York is the 3rd biggest win producing American state. It is also rank 3rd in the United States based on its total number of organic farms.

New York City Public Records

There have been many immigrants from both Latin America and Asia that have contributed to the increase in the diverse population of the state to its current figure of 19,651,127. Its population makes it the 4th highest populous American state just behind other states such as California, Texas, and Florida.

New York City or NWC is one of the major hubs of communication, publishing, media, finance, and banking. However, the industries of this city are not the sole economic driver for this state. Being one of the most important producers of dairy milk, the state also features among the top 5 American states. New York also boasts a huge manufacturing sector. The Hudson Valley and Albany serve as the key hubs for microchip manufacturing and nanotechnology.

The minimum wage in New York will be fixed at 11.10 USD per hour as on December 31, 2018. It is more than the federal minimum wage that stands at 7.25 USD per hour.

New York City, New York Crime Statistics:

It is now time to look at the crime rates in the city of New York. For our analysis purpose, the crime type has been broadly classified into violent crimes and property crimes. The annual rate of violent crime in the city is 3.76 percent per 1,000 residents. A person's possibility of suffering from an incident related to any kind of violent crime in the city is one in 266. Types of crimes that have been included in violent computing crime in the city are murder, assault, rape, and robbery. As far as the rate of murder is concerned, New York is slightly less (0.03) than the national average (0.05). However, the city’s rate of robbery (1.13) is marginally higher than the national mean (1.03).

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On the other property crime rate in the city of New York is 15.46 percent per one thousand people. The combined rate of property and violent crime in the city stands at 19.22 percent for every 1,000 residents. A person’s possibility of succumbing to any property-related crime in the city is one in 65. The kinds of crimes that were specifically tracked for this analysis include burglary, motor vehicle robbery, and theft. The city’s rate of burglary (2.02) is less than the country’s average (4.69).  Theft rate in the New York City (12.71) is also less than the mean for the United States of America (17.45). Motor vehicle theft rate in the city is 0.73 as opposed to the national mean of 2.37. New York’s crime per square mile for every 1,000 inhabitants is 40.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of rapes and murders in the city of New York in 2018 so far although the overall number of crimes has seen a downward trend. The city had 147 cases of homicides from January 1 to June 30 in 2018. It was an increase of 8 percent as compared to the murder rate in 2017 during the same period.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
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