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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of North Dakota?

As per the North Dakota Open Records Statute, all government records and information should be made available to the general public. The state considers court records to be public records, and as such, every citizen shall have the right to examine these records and also request copies of the same if they wish to. The North Dakota State Records website allows citizens to gain access to court records as well as other public records without them having to provide any sort of personal details. It is also not necessary for the person to reveal the reason why he or she requires the particular North Dakota court records.

You can gain access to vital records, criminal records, court records without having to provide personal information. The state has over 7 million public records available to the public in order to maintain transparency in the state. The public records in North Dakota dating back to 1876 when record-keeping first began in the state. The public records archive has data of records from all 53 census areas and counties in North Dakota. The USA has a commitment to provide a just and fair society to all its citizens. Making North Dakota state court records available is in keeping with this commitment. In the last 30 years, digitization of these records has become the norm, enabling citizens to access these records from government as well as third party sites as per their requirements.

How to Get Court Records in North Dakota
Not an Absolute Right

Although it is the right of every citizen to conduct a North Dakota court records search, there are certain exceptions when it comes to the records that you can gain access to. Even though citizens have the right to access North Dakota court records online or at courthouses in person, this right is not absolute. The state has the right to seal certain details of a case, or the entire case itself if it contains sensitive information.

Confidential court records could include the following:

  • Proceedings of juvenile court
  • Adoption and paternity details
  • Mental health proceedings
  • Domestic violence order files (the final court order will be accessible)
  • Social security numbers
  • Drug and alcoholism treatment records
  • Psychological evaluations
North Dakota Court Records

How to Get Court Records in North Dakota?

If you need court records and are wondering how to get court records in North Dakota, then you need not worry since the process is pretty simple. You can visit the courthouse in which the case hearing took place and request for records with the court clerk. You will have to submit a written request stating that you need to obtain court records of a case. The request forms should be available at the courthouse.

It is important that you provide the clerk with enough information in order to conduct the North Dakota court records search. The clerk will respond to you in writing on the availability of the records. You will have to pay a fee of ten dollars for each search of the court records. You will have to pay the fee before the clerk searches for the records. It is important to note that the clerk might not allow you access to more than ten records in a day. It is at their discretion and they may just allow you more searches if it does not disrupt their other duties.

If you do not need copies of the records and just need to examine them, then you can do so at the courthouse itself. You will have to examine the records under the inspection of court personnel. The records will be examined when you return them and only once they are found to be intact, will you be allowed to leave the premises.

You can also access North Dakota court records online here.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!