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Judicial Records North Dakota: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of North Dakota?

Access to judicial records in the state of North Dakota depends on the policies implemented by the Supreme Court of North Dakota. Unless stated otherwise, all records pertaining to governmental and public bodies, commissions, boards, organizations or agencies supported by public funds in part or in full are open for inspection by the general public during office hours.

Exempt judicial records

You can view all judicial records that are open for public inspection. However, some records are exempt from viewing. These include:

  • Court proceedings for juvenile convicts
  • A proceeding involving mental health
  • The personal information of individuals in the case, including their social security number, financial account number, and electronic fund transfer number.
  • Cases relating to paternity and adoption
  • Psychological evaluations of individuals and records of their drug and alcohol treatments.
  • Files of protection under domestic abuse law

 North Dakota Judicial Records
How to obtain records

You can easily get records from the clerk office in the court building. You must submit a request in writing. Mention as much information about the case, so that the clerk can expedite your request speedily. The clerk is not permitted to give you a verbal response. All answers to your queries must be presented to you in writing.

There is a search fee of $10 for every record you want to search for. Enclose your fees alongside your request, either through a cheque or a money transfer. You have to submit the fees before the clerk can process your request.

Not every search requires a $10 fee payment. For example, if you only want to know whether a judicial record exists, or if you want to know whether a person has an ongoing or past case against them, you can simply submit your request without paying the fees. In response, the clerk can tell you whether there is a record or not.

In-person inspection

You can access records in-person by submitting a verbal or written application to the clerk. The latter may be required if your request needs clarification. All records are open for public viewing unless they are deemed confidential by the court. Most clerk offices have computer terminals in them, which you can look at during office hours.

Judicial Records North Dakota
To request a record from the clerk, clearly identify the case and the docket number so that the clerk can find the records easily. You can only request for records that have been filed away in the court inventories. If you make a standing request for a record, your appeal will be rejected. You will receive your records within ten days of submitting the application, as long as your request does not interfere with the workings of the office of the clerk.

Once the records are handed over to you, returning them intact is your responsibility. You are not allowed to leave the premises unless all the records have been checked for completeness and they have been marked as returned.

Making copies of judicial records

You can request the court to make copies of your record if you so require it. The final amount of making copies will be given to you by the clerk after you specify the number of records and copies you want. You will have to pay a minimum fee of $1 for making the copies. You can also obtain transcripts or audio hearings of the court proceedings if they have been released.

You can request court documents in a monthly data format. However, not all cases can be accessed under this. Courts have permission to refuse the right to these records under the purview of public interest.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!