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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in Ohio

The Human resource department of Ohio State has novel ideas to help people to increase their potential and advance in their careers. Work history is an important record one has to maintain for their benefit. This helps the employers of Ohio to track the background of their new employees and their skill set. The Ohio State faculty helps each of the Ohio residents to explore exciting job opportunities.

Why does one need to know work history?

There are many ambitious human beings who wish to soar high in their career by utilizing every opportunity given to them. When people move from place to place in search of new competing work, there is a possibility that they forget some of their past work experience. When a new employer conducts an interview to hire employees, they would prefer to do a complete background check including work history tracing.

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This is to assure that the person applying for employment has not been involved in any kind of malicious activity in the past and has good conduct. Thus work history tracing can be for self as one has forgotten their work experience or for an employer who wishes to hire the concerned. Here are few of the ways in which one can keep track of the work history and use the Ohio State faculty in the most efficient way to find suitable jobs

Ohio State Human Resource office

The Ohio State Human Resource Office is the primordial resource for tracking someone’s work history. They maintain employment records for a long period and using the HR customer service one can request the HR office personnel to collect the work history. The website of the office is https://hr.osu.edu/

One can contact the Ohio HR office at the following address:

1590 N High Street #300
Ohio 43201 United States

This office opens at 8 AM every day. The phone number is 614-292-1050. One can even find enlisted job opportunities displayed on the website.

Bank accounts and salary slips

Wherever one was employed, he would have received a salary. The money would have been deposited in a bank through cheques or through automated money transfer. Hence one can find work history by tracing bank accounts and salary slips. Generally other than the concerned person only the police department can get the authority to enquire banks for details. Hence if one is hiring a background check agent then the concerned has to give the authorization to collect bank related information

From Tax receipts

Any citizen of the United States of America should file their tax return. The employment history of anyone can be easily obtained from the past submitted W2 forms. Even 1099 forms can contain employer details in themselves. These will be available online for one to download using their SSN number.

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SSE Information form

Every individual has Social Security Earnings information that contains their previous work details. In Ohio, one can fill the Social Security Earnings Information form and submit it at the SSE administration with a processing fee to get their complete work history.

Unemployment office

Every State has an Unemployment office where one goes and registers their details to get calls for suitable employment opportunities. The State Unemployment Office is the right destination to search for the work history of people employed with the public services of the state. It also has details about contract employees who worked for state services as well.

A civil and criminal record check

Employers who perform a background check for work history can include a check on civil and criminal records on the name of the concerned person. There are plenty of third-party websites that are linked to county, state and federal databases that contain case histories with respect to felonies, forgery or even identity theft. These records contain details of the work history of all those who have been involved in the case (including those who were a witness or called for inquiry). These are some quick ways of finding someone’s work history in Ohio.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!