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Oswego New York Overview and Crimes Statistics

Oswego is a city in the Oswego County of New York. It is referred to as the port city of Central New York, as it is located on Lake Ontario. Oswego is a college city. It is 29.35 square miles in size. It is in the center of a snow belt and experiences heavy snowfalls in winter.

Oswego New York overview

Oswego, New York has a population of 17,599 with eight constituent neighborhoods. The majority population (21.5%) is those in the age group of 35 to 54. There are 7,473 homes and apartments in the city. The median value of homes in the city is $ 82,489, which is considered very low for the state of New York, and very low for the country. Real estate in Oswego is inexpensive.

27.7% of the population are college graduates. The per capita income of Oswego is $23,666 which is lesser than the US average. The median income level of $37,450 is also lower than the US average. Those below the poverty line constituted 28.9% of the total population.

Oswego Public Records
The major employers in Oswego regarding industry sector were Education (15.6%), Healthcare (14.8%) and Accommodation (13.7%). The city has a mixed workforce with equal blue-collar and white-collar workers. Most people work in office administration, sales, and food. The majority of people use public transport for commuting.

Regarding race and ethnicity, a vast majority of the population (90.8%) were Whites, 4.5% of people were Hispanic in origin. English is the most common language in Oswego, followed by Spanish. Around 2.9% of the residents of Oswego were born outside the USA.

Oswego New York crime statistics

Oswego has a crime index of 8, on a scale of 1-100, where one is the most unsafe and 100 the safest. The city is 8% safer than other cities in the US. There were a total of 786 crimes committed, and the crime rate was 44.66 per 1000 residents. Compared to other communities, the crime rate in Oswego is high, and 98% of communities in New York have lower crime rates.

A comparison of violent crimes committed in Oswego with New York shows that the crime rate of 5.85 per 1000 of Oswego was much higher than the New York average of 3.76 per 1000. A citizen has a 1 in 171 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime, which is higher than the rest of the state.

Assault was the major violent crime committed in Oswego, with a rate of 3.52 per 1000, which is high compared to the United States average of 2.49 per 1000.

Oswego Court Records
The property crime rate of Oswego is 38.81 per 1000, which is more than double the New York average of 15.46 per 1000. You have a 1 in 26 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime in Oswego, which is much higher than the state average. The primary property crime was theft, which had an incidence rate of 30.34 per 1000, which is less than the US average of 17.45 per 1000.

The crime per square mile of Oswego is 99 per square mile, which is more than double the New York data of 40 per square mile.

Oswego New York Conclusion

The city crime index is 8, which indicates is it highly unsafe. The crime rates in Oswego, for both violent crime and property crime, are much higher than the average for the state. For a city with less population, the crime rate is significantly higher. The chances of being a victim of a crime are considerably higher. The rate of incidence of theft is almost double that of the country. We can thus conclude that Oswego is a very unsafe city to live in.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
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