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Palm Bay Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

A charming larger medium-sized city along the coast, Palm Bay is situated in the American state of Florida. The city is Florida’s 19th largest community and has 14 constituent neighborhoods. Palm Bay has an approximate population size of 110,104 residents.

Palm Bay Florida City overview:

Contrary to several cities in the United States, it is not predominated by white-collar or blue-collar jobs. Rather, you will come across a workforce, which is a homogeneous mix of them both. In other words, Palm Bay has a mix of professionals, service providers, and office and sales employees. Many people who live in this city are engaged in admin and office support (14.80 percent), food service (7.99 percent), and sales jobs (12.60 percent).

It is also interesting to know that that are more residents living in Palm City who are associated with careers related to math and computers as compared to 95 percent of the other locations in America.

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Similar to many other places in the United States, several people in the city use their private vehicles to commute to their workplaces. However, quite a lot of people in Palm Bay also use public transit for their regular commute by riding the bus. It enables a large number of the city’s residents to reach their offices with reduced air pollution, as well as, low traffic congestion.

Palm Bay’s percentage of college-educated adults is near about the country’s mean for all communities, which is around 21.84 percent. On the other hand, about 18.09 percent of the city’s adult population possesses an advanced or a bachelor’s degree.  


Palm Bay Florida Crime statistics:

Palm Bay happens to have a crime index of 32, meaning that it is safer as compared to 32 percent of the cities in the United States.

The city’s crime rate is significantly more as compared to the national mean of all American communities ranging from the tiniest to the biggest. At the same time, it has a crime rate of 21 per 1,000 inhabitants, making it not ranked among those communities with the highest rates of crime. An individual’s probability of becoming a sufferer of a property or a violent crime here is one in 47.

According to the crime data shared by FBI, the city does not feature among America’s safest communities. With respect to Florida, the city’s rate of crime is more than 48 percent of the towns and states of varying sizes.

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At the same time, in comparison to communities with similar population size, the crime rate of Palm Bay is significantly less than the mean. The possibility of you to become a sufferer of a violent crime in Palm Bay is one in 213. The rate is equivalent to five per 1,000 residents.

According to NeighborhoodScout’s analysis, the property crime rate of Palm Bay is 17 per 1,000 residents. The statistic makes it a place with an above average possibility of falling a prey to any kind of property crime in comparison to other American communities of varying population sizes. Instances of property crimes are larceny, vehicle theft, burglary, and arson. The possibility of becoming a sufferer of any of the above-mentioned types of property crime in the city is 1 in sixty.

Another crime analysis highlights that the overall crime rates in the city are 31 percent less as compared to the state of Florida’s average and 24 percent less than the mean of the country. As far as violent offenses are concerned, the city’s crime rate 10 percent more than the average of Florida while it is 23 percent more than the country’s average. Palm Bay’s property crime rate is 37 percent than the mean of Florida and 31 percent lower in comparison to the average of the United States.

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