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Paradise Valley Arizona: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Paradise Valley is a town in Maricopa County of the state of Arizona. The town is indeed a marvelous little paradise with plenty of luxurious golf courses as well as shopping scenes. Paradise Valley is a top-notch tourist destination with over eight full-service resorts despite having a small population of fewer than 13000 people. Paradise Valley is, in fact, the wealthiest suburban town in Phoenix and is known for its real estate and resorts.

The affluent town is a rather elegant neighborhood in the very heart of the desert. Its natural views, the refreshing air, its artistic stunners and just the whole atmosphere of the place make it a real-life paradise - true to its name! It is a place most- sought out by thrilling adventure-seekers and those looking for a place to relax alike.

Paradise Valley Arizona Public Records

Crime Statistics

Paradise Valley is an overall safe town with a low crime rate of 17 per 1000 residents. Your chances of becoming a victim of any crime in Paradise Valley is just 1 in 60, thus making it a relatively safe town to be in. The safest towns in Paradise Valley are Camelback Estate, Town center, Cinco Soles and Clearview Hills. The chances of being a victim of violent crime in Paradise Valley are 1 in 1595 as against an overall Arizona total of 1 in 213. The chances of being a victim of property crime are 1 in 62 as against an overall Arizona total of 1 in 34.

The violent crime percentage is 20% and the property crime percentage is 27% thus making the town a relatively safe haven for residents and tourists alike.

Violent crime included offenses such as murder, nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

Property crime is inclusive of offenses such as burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft and arson. The object behind theft-type offenses is acquiring money and property, but no force is used against the victims.


With crime rate being so low, the arrest ratio is low too, and the maximum reason police forces make an arrest is for drug peddling or petty thievery at the most. The town is very hospitable and does not have a high crime rate thus resulting in fewer arrests.

Population Information

Paradise Valley, Arizona’s population is 14293 as per the latest census. The population density is 358 people per km square and the household density is 152 people per km square.

Paradise Valley, Arizona is the 38th biggest city in Arizona as per recent surveys. The average age of residents is 53 years with 52 being males and 54 being the average age for females. For every 103 males, there are 100 females thus making the sex ratio an almost equal statistic.

The predominant race is the Whites, and they are numbered at 12536. 751 Asians are the nearest to that number regarding population. There are about 150 African Americans that are the next largest number in the population.

There are about 6000+ households with about nine rooms on an average, valued at roughly $1,332,600. House rents in Paradise Valley, Arizona start at $1772 per month. The average income of households in Paradise Valley is $173,487.

The town is the 320027th largest city in the USA. In Paradise Valley, Arizona, 76% of the population over the age 15 years are married. 88% of the population speak English, and about 4% speak in Spanish. 27% of Paradise Valley residents were born and raised in Arizona while 60% were born out of the state. In the mix, 2% were born outside of USA, and 12% are foreign nationals.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!