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Pennsylvania Judicial Records: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Pennsylvania

The United States of America takes strict action against criminals and crimes. To bring the crime rate down in their cities, the country has implemented the freedom of Information coalition wherein public records can be accessed by the general public.

These records can be used to perform a background check on anyone who applies for a job or to rent a house. If there are any criminal records on the concerned person’s name, then the employer or the lessee can stay alert and safe. Under the state sunshine laws of Pennsylvania, every citizen of the state can access the public records without stating the purpose.

How to get free judicial records?

Judicial records are documents that are maintained by the courts and department of Justice of Pennsylvania. These are physical documents or electronic records that are created and maintained during a court proceeding.

Also, criminal records like arrest records, warrants, arrest reports, and investigative reports are compiled and archived under the judicial record category in the state. Most of these judicial records are free public records. The exemptions like high profile investigation reports, strategic plans, and court orders are protected from public access.


According to the statutes of Pennsylvania, a requester who is a legal resident of the United States can request to access any record. The law allows public agencies to assign and designate official records custodian to manage the record requests. These requests can be accepted or rejected based on the availability of the judicial record. There are no restrictions on the usage of the records. One can take information from these records and publish it on any platform.

Pennsylvania Judicial Records

In 2008, there was a standard reasonable fee associated with free judicial record access. Later based on the Office of Open Records, the fee was canceled. If anyone wishes to create copies of the original record, then it might cost them $0.50 per page. The open records law states the processing time for the record access request is 5 working days. There can be a delay if

  • The requester’s credentials need verification
  • The records are archived in a remote location
  • Staff are limited
  • The requester did not comply with the rules and regulations. Apart from these, there is no reason that a record access request is denied

Digital access

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania maintains a comprehensive list of public access court records online. One can access the system by prior request. Along with records, one can find

  • Aggregate numerical data from all courts regarding the caseload statistics
  • Court case information- docket sheets
  • Summaries of case lists
  • Public records of the police department
  • Public record access forms

http://www.pacourts.us/public-records is the website from where one can access free judicial records. The mailing address is

Pennsylvania Judicial Center

601 Commonwealth Avenue

PO box61620

Suite 1500, Harrisburg, PA 17016

The Pennsylvania judicial system handle is available on social media websites as well for live updates.

State records

The state judicial records can be accessed from https://pennsylvania.staterecords.org/court.php. Here one has to type the first name, last name and city name to fetch criminal records, arrest records and jail inmate records. To contact one can dial 267-310-0384.

Judicial Records Pennsylvania

Divorce records

Divorce and marriage records are also public judicial records. One can access the digital copy of divorce records from third party sites https://www.searchquarry.com/pennsylvania-divorce-records/. The divorce records can also be requested from the PA Department of Health through mail or in-person from

Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records

PO Box1528

New Castle 16103

Adoption records

The Pennsylvania adoption information registry is a medical and social history database maintained by for adoption history by the department of Human resources. One can access adoption records from this database

Jail inmate records

Jail inmate records can be searched from the PA department of corrections website through the jail inmate locator portal (https://www.cor.pa.gov/Inmates/Pages/Inmate-Locator.aspx).

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!