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Peoria Arizona: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information for Peoria, Arizona:

A relatively large city in the state of Arizona, Peoria has forty-one constituent neighborhoods and has a population of about 164, 173 people. The real-estate market of Peoria is amongst the costliest in the state of Arizona in the United States of America.

Peoria Arizona Public Records

Overview of Peoria Arizona: 

The city is not dominated by white-collar or blue-collar jobs. Rather it is known to have a mixed workforce representing both white-color and blue-collar jobs. If you want a bigger picture, the city has managers, professionals, office and sales workers. You will come across innumerable people who are employed in administrative and office jobs (15.30 percent), management occupations (10.92 percent), and sales jobs (13.21 percent). It is also interesting to note that the city has more residents who work in Maths and computes than 95 percent of the other places in America.

While it true that most of the commuting in Peoria is done by private vehicle, the city also has a robust public transport system. A significant chunk of the city’s population also avails a bus to commute to and from their offices. The arrangement benefits the people of the city as both air pollution and traffic jams have come down significantly.

Key crime statistics of Peoria, Arizona

The city's crime rate is significantly higher as compared to the national average of all the communities in the country from the biggest to the smallest size. However, Peoria has 25 crimes for every 1,000 residents. So, it is not one of those communities in the United States with the maximum crime rate. The possibility of becoming prey to either property or violent crime in the city is 1 in 40.


According to the FBI crime data, the city is definitely not in the list of America’s safest communities. As far as the state of Arizona is concerned, it has more than 61 percent crime rate when compared to the other towns and cities of the state, which are of different sizes.

On the other hand, as compared to other communities that have a similar population, Peoria’s crime rate is significantly less than the average.  The statistics also indicate that when compared to other American cities of the same sizes, the city is safer than the majority according to FBI crime data’s NeighborhoodScout's exclusive analysis.

Next is a close look at how Peoria specifically fares in violent crimes, as well as, its status in property crimes. It is crucial as the overall rate of crime in Peoria can be properly highlighted to understand whether one or both of them are the main contributors to Peoria’s general crime rate.

It was revealed from the analysis that the city’s violent crime more than a majority of American communities of different population sizes. The possibility of a person becoming vulnerable due to a violent crime in the city like murder, rape, aggravated assault, or armed robbery is one in 469. The figure equates to two per 1,000 residents of Peoria.

The analysis that was done by NeighborhoodScout also highlights that the property crime rate in the city is twenty-three per 1,000 populations. The statistics make the city a place where the chance of becoming susceptible to a property crime is more than average as compared to other American communities of various population sizes. Property crimes include incidents like burglary, larceny, arson, and motor vehicle theft.  A person who is staying in the city of Peoria, Arizona has a chance of falling victim of such crimes is 1 in 44. The crime index of Peoria is 25. It signifies that the city is safer than 25 percent of other cities in the United States of America.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 17, 2021
Sensitive Information!