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Pinellas County Public Records

The Pinellas County in the state of Florida has a population of nearly 1 million residents as of 2018. The largest city in Pinellas County is St. Petersburg with nearly a quarter of a million residents. Under the Florida state's §119 and §286 statutes, every resident of the state is entitled to view and access public records and also records pertaining to government matters. There are several exemptions to these public records statutes that the legislature can decide upon.

Fees for opening Pinellas County public records are the responsibility of the person who requested them. To access Pinellas County, you can use Florida's public records search services, free public records websites, or GoLookUp.

Locating Public Records in Pinellas County

The state of Florida grants residents of the state access to public records. The public records in Florida, as well as in Pinellas County include:

  • Marriage Licenses, Deeds, and Other Official Records
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Property Deeds, Mortgages and Liens
  • Bankruptcy Documents

Tax Records:

  • Auto Tags
  • Property Taxes
  • Driver’s Licenses
Pinellas County Public Records

Court Records:

  • Divorce Records - Alimony
  • Civil - Small Claims, Judgments, mortgage foreclosures, Landlord/Tenant
  • Criminal Records - Felony, Misdemeanors, Court information
  • Family Case Records - Child Support, Name Change, Injunctions
  • Probate Records - Estate & Wills, Guardianships & Mental Health
  • Traffic-Related Records - Parking, Boating & Red-Light Tickets

Searching for Free Pinellas County Public Records

To search for any of the public records listed above, you can use the Pinellas County website or Florida state website for public records. The information will be provided to you based on the name of the person you are searching for, as well as the payment of proper fees.

There are also free public records website that allow you to track down information about the person you have questions about. Some free public records are not truly free as they advertise, so you need to notice if there are any charges involved in the public records search you are performing.

There are also websites that are really as advertised, meaning they perform free public records searches upon request. When using these kinds of free Pinellas County Public Records search websites, you have to keep in mind they might not provide you with all the data you are searching for. Completely free background check websites lack the financial means to give users access to all public records in Florida. In addition, no finances also means that you will be using a service that does not provide a protection service and a customer support service.

Public Records Pinellas County

Pinellas County Public Records Search with GoLookUp

If you need to find public records in Florida in general, or in Pinellas County, you can use GoLookUp's professional search engine. When you have questions regarding a certain person's past, you can enter their name to GoLookUp's public records search that will aggregate information in a matter of moments. The data will be provided to you in an accurate report that includes the name of the person in question, their residential information, criminal records, arrest records, mugshots, sex offenses, convictions, marriage records, traffic violations, and much more.

The information you find can help you find out if someone you know has a violent criminal past, or if they are lying to you in any way. All the reports on GoLookUp are based on public records, so you can be certain that all the data you receive is reliable and accurate.

Aside from criminal records, you can also find additional information with GoLookUp, like Pinellas county public records divorce data. If, for instance, you are going out with someone from the county, and you want to find out if they were ever married, you can use the Pinellas county public records divorce search. To find these records, and other public records data, you can use GoLookUp's various directories. The website can provide you with information with a name-based search engine, a phone number directory, a reverse email lookup search, and a reverse address search. So, if you cannot find the information you need with one directory, you can use another one. That way, you will be able to track down Pinellas county public records divorce information, and additional data.

Aside from the quick and accurate service on GoLookUp public records search engine, the website also provides users with a 24/7 customer service, and an advanced security system that protects all your data. If you need to run a Pinellas County public records search, or a public record search in any other place in the USA, log into GoLookUp, and the website will do the searching for you.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!